DIY Eucalyptus Bouquet

Eucalyptus Garden Bouquet

Get ready to make a bridal bouquet for your wedding.  Follow this bouquet DIY from silk flower designer Blue Orchid Creations and walk down the aisle with a handmade Eucalyptus Garden Bouquet.

Eucalyptus Garden Bouquet


Step 1: Gather together all of the silk flower stems in one hand.  (Some flower stems may have artificial thorns, you can use your wire cutters to remove those if you wish.)

Step 2: Use stemwrap to secure the garden roses together. 

Step 3: Add the eucalyptus stems to the bundle.  Wrap around the flowers and tuck some of the greenery between the flower stems. Secure with more stemwrap.

Eucalyptus Garden Bouquet

Step 4: With wire cutters, trim the stems of the bouquet so that they are even.

Eucalyptus Garden Bouquet

Finish with a silk ribbon and you are ready to go!  You can make your silk flower bouquet months before your wedding and keep it for years after. 

If you make your own bouquet using these steps and Afloral artificial flowers we'd love to see it!  Please share on Instagram with hashtag #Afloral

Designed by 
Blue Orchid Creations.