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Get the Look - The Spring Centerpiece
Get the Look - The Spring Centerpiece
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Fall Floral Lantern

Looking to give your lanterns a little more oomph this fall? Follow this simple and stunning fall floral lantern tutorial!

Materials: You will need a lantern, a candle, wire cutters, hot glue gun, 2 greenery sprays,  2 berry sprays, 1 astilbe bush, accent flowers, 2 feathers, and a large focal flower.

We chose ferns and lemon leaves for greenery, dusty pink berries and burgundy berries, cream astilbe, pink ranunculus for accent flowers, brown feathers, and a cream pink dahlia as the focal flower. All of these tones will give your lantern the perfect hues of fall!

Step 1: Start with greenery. For an asymmetrical look, with the focal flower as the center, choose one side to go heavy on the greenery and floral accents. The opposite side of the flower will only feature a few leaf and flower sprays, and the feathers will be the main focus.  

Trim the leaves at varying lengths for a layered, spray effect. Attach the leaves to the lantern with hot glue. Don't worry, the glue will be covered with the floral flower.  

Tip - Be sure NOT to craft on the side with the door,
as you will not be able to access the candle inside.

Step 2: Trim and add your astilbe, berries, and accent flowers throughout the greenery, hot glue to secure. 

Step 3: Add the feathers to the side with the least flowers and greenery. 

Step 4: Trim the stem from your focal flower, we chose a dahlia, leaving just the flower head. Glue the flower head to the center of the lantern. This will cover the cut stems and glue, leaving your with a beautiful floral lantern. 

Step 5: Take a step back and look at your arrangement. If you notice that there are any gaps add an accent flower and if you spot an area that the glue is showing, simply glue a leaf over the stem to cover it up!

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