DIY Floral Balloon Arch

Tropical Balloon DIY

What You’ll Need:

Tropical Silk Flowers - Including hanging bamboo, ginger, orchids, birds of paradise, white anthurium, monstera leafs, frangipani, split leaf philodendrum, hibiscus, and orange needle protea (Find everything here.) 
Balloon Pump
Balloon Decorating Strip (String & Tape can also be used)
Glue Dots

Step 1: Start by adhering your balloon decorating strip on the surface you want to hang it on. Its important to know which shape you’d like your arch to be first – it could be hanging to the side like this one, or have multiple swoops in it. Adhering with a staple gun helps secure the strip with the weight of the balloons. 

Fill the balloons with air.  After they are blown up, start attaching the balloons to your strip. The strip has holes where you can pull the balloons through. Begin with your biggest balloons, onto your medium balloons and then your smallest balloons. (The air lasts for a few days and faux flowers last forever, which is great if you want to create days before your event.)

Step 2: Attach the smallest balloons with glue dots to fill in the arch. 

Step 3: Lastly, begin filling in your arch with flowers. Long vine greens are perfect because they can be attached to the balloon strip as well by pulling them through the holes in the strip. Start with the greens first, and then fill in with flowers (these can be attached using glue dots as well). For any heavy flowers, attach with string on the strip for extra support. Play around until you have an arch that you love!

If you make your own Balloon Arch using these steps and artificial flowers we'd love to see it!  Please share on Instagram with hashtag #Afloral and #GreenWeddingShoesDIY

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