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How to Assemble a Simple Silk Flower Bouquet

How To Make A Simple Silk Flower Bouquet

Make your own bridal bouquet with this simple how-to tutorial and silk wedding flowers .  Choose your favorite high quality flowers - like pink cabbage roses, real touch lilies & orchids, and beautiful fake peonies

Silk Flower Bouquet
Step 1: Begin your bouquet by bundling together several of your largest blooms.  Secure together by wrapping the stems with floral tape.
Silk Flower Bouquet
Step 2: Continue adding roses, lilies, and peonies to your bundle.  Work in a circle around your bundle, mixing flowers and colors as you go. 
Silk Flower Bouquet
Step 3: Trim the orchid heads off of the stem using wire cutters. Leave a few inches of stem still attached to the flower head.  Attach the flower head to a sturdy piece of floral wire with floral tape to create a longer stem. 
Silk Flower Bouquet
Step 4: Disperse the orchids throughout the bouquet. 
Silk Flower Bouquet
Step 5: Secure the stems in place with floral tape.  Trim the stems down using wire cutters so they are even. Leave enough stem to create a long handle that you'll hold on to as you walk down the aisle. 
Silk Flower Bouquet
Step 6: Cover the stem wrap with a beautiful ribbon.  Secure the ribbon in place with a pearl headed pin or using hot glue. 
Silk Flower Bouquet
Follow this simple DIY guide to create your very own bridal bouquet!

Designed by | Bridgett Anderson Photography
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