How To Create A Succulent Bouquet

Make a succulent bouquet with artificial flowers and succulents from DIY bouquets have never been easier.  

DIY succulent picks and pre-made bridal bouquets are a simple way to create your own wedding bouquet on a budget. You'll be able to keep your handmade bouquet for years as a beautiful wedding keepsake.

Pre-Made Bouquet
Artificial Succulents
Floral Wire & Wire Cutters
Floral Tape
Silk Ribbon

Step 1: If you are not using artificial succulents with a long stem, don't worry!  You can make your own. Attach a strong gauge floral wire to the short stem of your succulent with floral tape.  

Note - The lower the wire gauge, the thicker and less pliable the wire.

Step 2: Add succulents throughout your pre-made silk flower bouquet, in between flowers and around the base. 

Step 3: Wrap all the stems together with floral tape to secure and trim the stems so they are even.

Step 4: Finish the bouquet with a beautiful ribbon.  

How To Create A Succulent BouquetHow To Create A Succulent Bouquet

If you make a bouquet using artificial flowers and succulents from, share your DIY designs by adding #Afloral to your wedding photos. 



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