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How To Decorate A Lantern

Give your wedding centerpieces romantic lighting and a beautiful floral arrangement in one with this easy floral lantern tutorial.  Combine gold lanterns and the highest quality silk flowers to create a timeless wedding decoration. 

Wedding Decorations

Materials: Decorative Glass Candle LanternLED Pillar CandlePreserved Sheet Moss, an assortment of your favorite Silk Flowers in your wedding colorsArtificial Greenery & BerriesWire CuttersHot Glue Gun & GlueFloral tape, and a Floral Foam Brick

Wedding Decorations

Step 1: Cut the Floral Foam to size.  You will want it to be a little larger than the very top of the lantern.  You can use a basic kitchen knife to cut through the floral foam.  Place the foam on the top of the lantern and secure it to the top with sticky floral tape, use 3-5 pieces.  You may also want to add hot glue to the top of the lantern to adhere the foam securely. 

Wedding Decorations

Step 2: Using your hot glue, cover the foam with sheet moss.  The moss will give your arrangement a little extra detail and will also work to cover the foam. 

Wedding Decorations

Step 3: With your wire cutters, begin trimming your stems to size.  Artificial flowers and leaves may come on a very long stem so you can cut it down to 4-6” of stem, adjusting the length as needed. 

Wedding Decorations

Step 4: Add your greenery and hanging florals to the side of the foam.  Push the wire stems through the moss and into the foam to the base of the leaves.  This will create a cascade.  You can do this all the way around the lantern or only on two sides, depending on how full you would like your arrangement.

Wedding DecorationsWedding Decorations

Step 5: Begin adding your flower stems.  Start at the top of the foam, pushing your flower stem through the moss and into the foam.  Do not push the stem all the way to the base of the flower head, you want to keep some height. Work your way around the foam adding flowers.  Use the larger flower stems first and then fill in the spaces with smaller flower heads.

Wedding Decorations

Step 6: Continue to fill in your arrangement with berries and pieces of greenery to create depth and texture. Place these accents in between larger flower heads and use to fill in holes. 

Wedding Decorations

Step 7: Finish your arrangement by laying a piece of the sheet moss in the bottom of the lantern and adding a pillar candle.  We recommend using a LED candle because the metal top of the lantern can get hot when a wax candle is lit. 

Wedding Decorations
Wedding Decorations

Use this arrangement down the aisle or on the reception tables.  After your wedding, these faux flower arrangements will look beautiful in your home and will be a lasting keepsake from your wedding day. 

If you decide to create your own silk flower arrangement be sure to share it with us by adding #Afloral to your Instagram photos. 

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