How To: Floral Letter

Learn how to make floral letters in this easy How To video.  Simply cut your letters out of floral foam and decorate with your favorite artificial flowers. Create floral monograms or spell out words for parties, baby showers, weddings and more.

DIY Floral Letter

Floral Foam Sheet
Silk Flowers
Fake Succulents
Artificial Greenery
Wire Cutters
Printer & Paper

Step 1: Print out large letters to cut & trace onto the foam sheet, or freehand with a marker onto the foam.  

Step 2: Cut out the letters using a knife.  With a detail knife, clean up the foam edges. 

Step 3: Cut the stems off of the flowers using wire cutters.  Leave about 1-2" of stem to push into the foam.  

Step 4: Lay out the flowers on the floral letters to get the look you like.  When you are pleased with the layout begin pushing the stems into place or use glue to throughly secure the stems to the foam. 

DIY Floral LetterDIY Floral Letter