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How To DIY Flower Chandelier

Step 1: To start, take your bark wire and create an intertwining circlet. I made my circumference about 24" around. When you have your desired measurements, use your wire cutters to cut the end of the wire and twist that end off.

Step 2: Lay out your flowers that you plan on using in your chandelier. Set aside the blooms that you plan to hang from the base (you will use at least 8 smaller flowers for this).

Step 3: Add your flowers to the outside of your circlet by cutting the flower stems and carefully glue the back of each flower to the chandelier base. Remember to leave room for greenery. I added greenery as I went around the base of the chandelier but some may prefer to add the greenery in before or after all of the flowers are on the base.

Step 4: You will need 3 strips of ribbon a yard each in length (maybe longer depending on height of ceiling) and about an inch or so wide. Tie one end of each of your ribbons to the top of the circlet in equal distance from each other. These ribbons are what will hold your chandelier up. At the other end of the ribbons, carefully tie them together with a loop at the end so you can hang this loop from a hook or tack in the ceiling. Make sure your flower-filled circlet is hanging evenly when you tie the ribbons together. Once your ribbons are on, hang your chandelier up so you can finish the rest of the steps...

Step 5: Cut a strand of fishing line about 20" in length. Tie a knot at one end of the strand (you will want to triple or quadruple knot it) and place the other end of the fishing line through the eye of your needle (you will need a large needle eye). With your needle, start with the very bottom flower you want hanging and thread the center of it with your fishing line strand. Make sure the flower is facing downward. Once the bottom flower is through, tie another large knot about 4" up from the bottom hanging flower and thread the top flower through. Again, make sure the flower is facing downward-the same way the bottom flower is hanging. If you want more than 2 flowers hanging from each strand, then do the same steps to add more flowers-otherwise, this is it for one strand. Do the same steps to create a total of 4 strands of flowers on fishing line. *TIP: If your flower has a large center opening, I suggest you create your knot (maybe quadruple knot) in the fishing line and thread a bead or pearl through first before the flower to keep the knot from sliding out the center of the flower.

Step 6: Take your flowers on fishing line and tie them to the bottom part of the chandelier at varying lengths with the flowers facing downward. Cut any excess fishing line that there may be.

Design and Photos by Love Sparkle Pretty with silk flowers from Afloral.com.