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How To Make A Bejeweled Bouquet

Finish your bridal bouquet with beautiful bouquet jewelry accessories.

Give your silk flower bouquet that little extra something to get everyone talking. This DIY bejeweled bouquet features crystal picks and rhinestone bouquet accents. makes it easy to DIY your own wedding floral arrangements!

Silk Flower Bouquet or Boutonniere
Bouquet Jewels
Floral Wire
Floral Tape
Wire Cutters
Hot Glue & Glue Gun

How To Make a Bejeweled BouquetHow To Make a Bejeweled Bouquet
Option 1:
Create jeweled bouquet picks.  Attach jewels to floral wire using floral tape. Add the jewel picks throughout your wedding bouquet and secure the stems together with floral tape.

How To Make A Bejeweled BouquetHow To Make A Bejeweled Bouquet
Option 2:
Push jeweled pins directly into the center of the flower heads to add subtle sparkle to your wedding bouquet. 

How To Make A Bejeweled BouquetHow To Make A Bejeweled Bouquet
Option 3:
Remove the pin from the jewel pick with wire cutters. Glue the rhinestones to the wrapped bouquet stems. 

How To Make A Bejeweled Bouquet
Option 4:
Create an artificial flower boutonniere. Finish your bout with a little bling! Hold the jewel pick to the front of the boutonniere and secure it in place by wrapping it with floral tape. 

If you make a bouquet using artificial flowers from, share your DIY designs by adding #Afloral to your wedding photos. 

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