How To Make a Bouquet - 2016 Pantone Color

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Step 1: Select the silk flowers and greenery you'd like to use. With wire cutters, trim off all the excess leaves, leaving only leaves close to the flower head.

Step 2: Select a few of your larger focal flower heads as a starting point to build your bouquet, try to spiral the stems as you add them.

Step 3-4: Add other flowers around your focal flowers, making sure you keep a rounded even shape. Turning the bouquet in your hand makes adding flowers easier.

Step 5-6: Using the floral twine tie the stem of the bouquet tightly near the top of the stems.

Step 7: Using wire cutters cut the stems to the desired length.
Lay the bouquet on a flat surface and attach your ribbon, in this case a simple tied trailing ribbon.

Designed by Pumpkin and Pye | Photographed by Evolve Photography