How To Make A Corsage

Get ready to make your own wrist corsage using premium artificial flowers and this simple DIY tutorial. Perfect for an upcoming wedding, Mother's Day, and even for prom! Get your friends together and create beautiful corsages with your favorite artificial flowers.

Corsage Bracelet
Artificial Flowers
Fake Greenery
Filler Flowers & Berries
Wire Cutters

Ribbon Corsage
How To Make A Corsage

Step 1: Trim the leaves from the stems using wire cutters.  

Step 2: Layer the leaves to create a base for your flowers. Glue them together in a butterfly shape - with one leaf on the bottom and four leaves splayed in each direction. 

Step 3: Trim and bundle together several pieces of greenery and filler flowers, secure the stems together with floral tape.  Repeat to make two identical bundles. 

Step 4: Remove the stem from a large, focal flower head.

Step 5: Cut a piece of ribbon, long enough to create a beautiful bow.  You can always trim excess ribbon off later.

Step 6: Glue the leaves to the center of the ribbon. Glue the two small bundles in opposing directions to the leaves.  Glue the focal flower to the center of the bundles to hide the stems.

Corsage Bracelet
How To Make A Corsage

Step 1: Repeat the same steps as the ribbon corsage.  

Step 2: Glue the leaves to the plastic piece attached to the corsage bracelet.  After your event you can simply cut the plastic piece off the bracelet with scissors and wear again! Not only that... with faux flowers you'll be able to save the arrangement you created for the corsage to use as an embellishment for a frame or wreath. 

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