How To Make A Flower Hat For A Boho Wedding

DIY Flower Hat

Dried Florals & Grasses
Artificial Poppies
Artificial Ranunculus
Paddle Wire
Wire Cutters & Scissors
Glue Gun & Glue

Step 1: Wrap the floral wire around your hat base to create a ‘wreath’ for your flowers. Twist the end pieces together to lock together.

Step 2: Add flowers to your base first, like wheat, and wrap around the wire ‘wreath’ you made. Secure these pieces with smaller pieces of floral wire wrapped to the main frame of the wire.

Step 3: Finish with all the additional florals. Poppies are the focal flower, so keep them sporadic but chic. Secure flowers with wire and hot glue. Be careful not to get any glue on your hat so that you can remove the florals later should you want to re-use!

For more details visit Green Wedding Shoes. Photographed by Katie Pritchard. 

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