How To Make A Prom Corsage & Boutonniere

prom corsage and boutonniere

Prom is a night to remember. By creating a silk flower corsage and boutonniere, you will have a unique keepsake that lasts. Follow this tutorial by Just Ann's Floral Design to see how to make a durable corsage and boutonniere.

prom corsage and boutonniere


Large Ranunculus Silk Flower Spray
Rose Gold Spray Paint
Assortment of Greenery (some of this will get spray painted)
Silk Rose Corsage Leaves
Rhinestone Corsage Wristlet
Assortment of ribbons (about a yard each)
Glue gun and glue sticks
Floral wire
Wire cutters
Floral tape

    The Corsage: 

    How To Make A Prom Corsage & Boutonniere

    Step 1:  Gather greenery to spray paint, this corsage features a Huckleberry Foliage Leaf Spray and the leaves that came from the Ranunculus stem. Spray paint these leaves on both sides in a well-ventilated area. One good coat should be enough.

    Step 2:  Prepare your corsage wristlet by cutting the extra ribbon ties off the base using scissors. Glue two gold leaves opposite each other. This will act as a larger base to add flowers and accents too.

    Step 3: Glue three of the sprayed ranunculus leaves as the picture shows.

    Step 4:  Now create the bow. This bow features double faced ribbons. These ribbons allow you to loop the ribbon back and forth without having to twist the ribbon, making the bow process easier. Make three loops on each side, matching the width of the flower head. Wire the ribbon in the middle of the loops to secure. The bow came to 3.5 inches.

    Step 5: The Corsage is ready to assemble! Gather your flower, greenery, and bow. You will need to cut off the flower head as close to the base as possible using wire cutters. Glue the flower head to the middle of the wristlet first.

    Step 6:  Next glue on the bow, placing it under one side of the flower.

    Step 7:  Finally add the greenery.  Glue each piece around the flower, alternating between the rose gold sprayed, and the regular greenery.

    The final corsage measures 6” long and 4.5” wide. 


    The Boutonniere: 

    How To Make A Prom Corsage & Boutonniere

    Step 1: Use one of the smaller ranunculus flower heads from the spray. Gather your mix of greenery, floral tape, and leftover ribbon.

    Step 2: Cut down the flower stem to about 2”- 3” and hold greenery to the flower stem. Start to wrap with floral tape to hold in place. 

    Step 3: Add two to three small stems of greenery. Plus two stems of the gold leaves. Wrap tightly with floral tape.

    Step 4: Add a loop of ribbon. Gather the ribbons, about 6” – 8” pieces and make a loop with them and allow some of the ribbon to show in the front. Wire it together and attach to the boutonniere with more floral tape.

    Step 5: Finish the boutonniere by wrapping the stems with stem wrap. This will hold the stems together and will give the boutonniere a clean, finished look. 

    How To Make A Prom Corsage & Boutonniere

    You are all finished and now you have your very own prom corsage and boutonniere! These will stay fresh throughout the night and you will have a lasting keepsake from the event.  

    Create your own in colors that match your prom dress with silk flowers. If you make your own boutonniere & corsage using these steps and we'd love to see it!  Please share on Instagram with hashtag #Afloral.

    Designed by Just Ann's Floral Design