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How To Make A Rose Centerpiece

How To Make A Rose Centerpiece features a wide variety of Artificial Roses; in so many colors, shapes and sizes! Use silk roses to create a lasting centerpiece for your wedding, party, or home decor.  These blooms will stay forever fresh and roses are always a favorite!


Materials:  You will need a variety of artificial roses.  For this arrangement we used 2 pink cottage roses, 1 open pink rose, 1 open red rose, 2 red garden rose sprays (featuring two rose heads and one bud each), and 1 mini wild rose bush in cream.  For added fullness include 2 artificial seeded eucalyptus sprays. You will also need floral foam, floral tape, wire cutters, and a vase.  


Step 1: Cut the floral foam to fit into your container.  Use a knife to easily cut through the foam.  Place the foam into the bottom of the container.  You can secure the foam into the container by taping it to the vase with sticky floral tape. For a permanent fix, you can hot glue the foam to the bottom of the container.


Step 2: Using wire cutters, cut the rose stems so they are approximately 10” long and trim off the greenery. Set the greenery aside, as you will need it in future steps.

Begin your arrangement with your biggest rose. This will be your focal point. Push the rose stem into the center of the floral foam.


Step 3: Repeat this process with the other large rose stems.  Insert the roses in a circle around the center rose.  Mix the flower sizes, shapes and colors to add interest and depth to your arrangement. 


Step 4: Fill in the gaps between the larger silk roses with smaller rose heads and buds from the silk rose bush. Add the discarded rose leaves to throughly cover the floral foam and between two roses of the same color. 


Step 5: Use artificial eucalyptus leaves throughout the arrangement for more texture, fullness, and coverage.  For a holiday arrangement, include pine sprays or berries.  The best part about decorating with artificial flowers is that you can update your arrangement throughout the year to reflect the changing seasons.  The roses will always stay in bloom! 


Alternate containers throughout the year to update your arrangement.  Shop our vase collections for containers suited for any event. 

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