How To Make A Submersible Centerpiece

Make your own diverse submersible centerpieces using artificial flowers, vase fillers, natural accents, candles, and submersible lights from These centerpieces are perfect for upcoming weddings, mother's day, and for other events! 


Cylinder Glass Vases
Submersible Faux Flowers
Crushed Glass Vase Filler
Diamond Vase Filler
Sea Glass Vase Filler
Waterproof LED Lights
Table Mirrors
Wire Cutter

Tip: Use distilled water for better results


DIY Beach Wedding CenterpieceDIY Beach Wedding Centerpiece

Step 1: Pour crushed glass filler into your 12" tall cylinder glass vase until it is 1.5" full.

Step 2: Add natural accents, such as seashells and a starfish.

Step 3: Trim your flower stem to fit vertically within your vase, such as a faux white orchid. Lower the flower, stem first, into the vase.

Step 4: Fill with water.

Step 5: Lay a floatable candle on top of the water, and light the candle!


DIY White Wedding CenterpieceDIY White Wedding Centerpiece

Step 1: Place waterproof LED lights into the bottom of the 18" tall, 10" tall, and 4" tall cylinder glass vases.

Step 2: Gently pour diamond vase filler overtop until it is 1.5" filled from the bottom.

Step 3: Choose a variety of artificial flowers, such as a white cherry blossom, tulips, and magnolia. Trim your flower stems to fit vertically into each vase and lower them, stems first.

Step 4: Fill with water.


DIY Submersible CenterpieceDIY Submersible Centerpiece

Step 1: Place waterproof LED lights to the bottom of two 5" tall and one 6" tall cylinder glass vase.

Step 2: Gently pour sea glass vase filler overtop until it is 1.5" filled from the bottom of the 6" tall vase. Pour diamond gem vase filler into the 5" tall vases until 1.5" from the bottom.

Step 3: Choose 1 faux flower bloom, such as a white dahlia or a peony. Cut the stems off as close to the bloom as possible, leaving only the flower head remaining.

Step 4: Lower the blooms and fill with water.

Note: The best type of artificial flowers to submerge are simple silks in light colors. If you would like to use brightly colored silk flowers try a trial run before the wedding.  Submerse the flower in water for 24 hours to make sure the dye does not bleed into the water.  

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