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How To Make A Terrarium Cardbox

How To Make A Terrarium Cardbox

Artificial Succulents
Silk Flowers
Spanish Moss
Paint Pen or Silhouette Machine & Free Download for cardbox

Step 1: Decorate your terrarium with a "Cards & Well Wishes" decal or hand paint it using a paint pen. 

Step 2: Lay a layer of spanish moss to the bottom of the terrarium.

Step 3: Remove the stems from the succulents and lay them on the moss, or create a small silk flower bundle and position it in the corner of the terrarium.  You can hot glue the leaves of the bundle to the back of the terrarium to keep it in place or use the spanish moss to hide any tape you use to secure it. 

How to Make a Terrarium Cardbox

For more details, find the full DIY on Ruffled. Photographed by Sophie Mathewson Photography.

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