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How To Make A Wedding Bouquet

How to Make a Wedding Bouquet

Make your own wedding bouquet with beautiful silk wedding flowers and this simple DIY tutorial from Kate Said Yes Weddings.

Silk Wedding Bouquet Materials

Cottage roses
Wire cutters
Lace or Ribbon

    How to Make a Wedding Bouquet

    Step 1: Begin with a small bundle of each of your large flower stems.  

    Step 2: Continue to add stems, working around the bundle so each stem is evenly placed around the bouquet. Wrap with floral tape as you go.

    How to Make a Wedding Bouquet

    Step 3: When you have used all of your flowers, add in your accents.  Use the eucalyptus and succulent stems throughout the bouquet, between similar flower stems. 

    How to Make a Wedding Bouquet

    Step 4: To finish your bouquet, wrap the stems together with floral tape.  Cover the tape by wrapping the stems with your favorite lace.  You can secure the lace wrap to the bouquet stems with a pearl headed pin.

    If you use this tutorial to make your wedding bouquet share the photo with us!  Add #Afloral to your wedding photos.

    Designed by Kate Said Yes Wedding Accessories.

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