How to Make an Ultra Violet Bouquet

How to Make an Ultra Violet Bouquet

Step aside blush pink, today it’s all about ultra violet wedding bouquets in honor of Pantone’s color of the year. Using some purple flower sweethearts such as anemones, wisteria, and allium, we formed the prettiest modern DIY bouquet or centerpiece. And the best part is that these flowers won't wilt!

Star Flower Bush 
Wisteria Spray
Cabbage Roses
Thistle Spray 
Striped Ribbon
Floral Tape
Ridged Zinc Metal Norah Vase

Step 1: Start your arrangement from the center-ish and work your way to the edges. We started with the purple anemones, alternating the peach and pink flowers to soften the transition of colors. 

Step 2: Add the hanging wisteria on the side of the bouquet and arrange the bouquet until you are satisfied.

Step 3: Once the bouquet is ready, use a piece of tape to hold it in place — one of the awesome perks of silk flowers is how easy it is to handle the stems — think and sturdy, you can’t mess it up! Finish off the bouquet by wrapping ribbon over top of the tape. We chose a white and champagne striped ribbon. 

Step 4: Once the wedding is over or you just want to make a centerpiece, decorate your home with it! We used our zinc metal vase, making sure that the arrangement filled the space.

Ultra Violet Bouquet

For more details, find the full DIY on Ruffled.

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