How To Use A Flower Frog

How To Use A Flower Frog

Learn how to create a modern flower arrangement with a floral frog and artificial flowers.

Floral Frog
Florist Clay
Wire Cutters 

Silk Flowers
Leaf Ribbon

How To Use A Floral Frog

Step 1: Form small balls with the florist clay.  Push the clay onto the bottom of the floral frog.

Step 2: Push the frog onto the bottom of your container.

Step 3: Trim the faux flower stems to size using wire cutters. 

Step 4: Push the wire stems of the flowers between the "spikes" of the floral frog.  Because artificial stems and branches may be heavy you can apply a small ball of florist clay to the bottom of the stem before you push it into the frog. 

Step 5: Arrange the flowers in the vase, using the floral frog to support the stems. 

How To Use A Floral Frog

If you are using a clear glass vase you can hide the floral frog with water-resistant leaf ribbon

Step 1: Measure the ribbon by wrapping it around the circumference of the vase.  Add an extra inch or two for overlap.  Cut the ribbon using scissors.  

Step 2: Place the ribbon along the inside of the vase and create a "tube." Tape the tube together along the inside of the container. 

Step 3: Follow the same steps as above to create a beautiful floral arrangement!

If you create your own silk flower arrangement be sure to share it with us by adding #Afloral to your Instagram photos. 

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