DIY Magnolia Wreath

Magnolia Wreath

Add this classic decor staple to your home with this simple DIY guide.  In just 4 easy steps you'll have a beautiful wreath that can dress up your walls throughout the year. 

Magnolia Wreath DIY


Magnolia Wreath DIY

Step 1: Start by cutting apart your magnolia leaf spray using wire cutters.  Cut the flowers so there is approximately 3-4" of stem beneath the flower head. 

Magnolia Wreath DIYMagnolia Wreath DIY

Step 2: Bundle together the leaves and a magnolia flower spray.  Secure the bundle together with floral tape. Create enough bundles to wrap around the diameter of the wreath. 

Magnolia Wreath DIYMagnolia Wreath DIYMagnolia Wreath DIY

Step 3: Cut a 6" piece of paddle wire with wire cutters.  Feed the wire through the grapevine and wrap it around the stems to secure the bundle to the wreath. 

Magnolia Wreath DIY

Step 4: Repeat Step 3 until you have covered the grapevine wreath in magnolia leaf bundles. Fill in any gaps with additional leaf sprays and wire. 

Magnolia Wreath DIY

Now decorate your door!  This beautiful wreath will look good during any season of the year and is the perfect accent to your home decor. 

Magnolia Wreath DIY

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