DIY Dogwood Bouquet

If there’s one flower that we look forward to seeing come springtime, it’s the dogwood. DIY this dogwood bouquet, created by Ruffled Blog, using an assortment of other trendy faux spring flowers like tulips, ranunculus, sweet peas, and ferns. The best part? It takes no time to create!


2 Chrysanthemum
2 Peonies
2 Sweet Peas
1 Ranunculus
Several Dogwood Branches
Floral Foam

Step 1: Contrary to using the largest blooms as focal flowers, the dogwood blooms will the be the focal points of this bouquet! Be sure to keep the stems long so that they pop out above the larger blooms.

Step 2: Surround the dogwood with the ranunculus, peonies, sweet peas, and chrysanthemum. Begin by adding the largest blooms, the chrysanthemum and peonies, dispersing them evenly on opposite sides of the dogwood. Then, begin adding the smaller blooms at varying heights, such as the ranunculus and sweet peas in between the larger blooms to break up the colors and add texture.

Step 3: Add height to your arrangement by incorporating faux ferns to the back of the bouquet. Then, to fill any empty spaces, add tulips.

Step 4: Add more dogwood blooms for a fuller look.

Step 5: Cut the bottom of the stems, using wire cutters, so that they are even in length.

Step 6: When the arrangement is to your liking, tape the bouquet stems together. Cover the tape with a delicate trailing ribbon.

Step 7: Once the bouquet has served its purpose, repurpose it by making it a part of your home decor. Just simply place it in a vase.

And that’s that! No matter how you use this design, it’s sure to impress.

For more details, find the full DIY on Ruffled.

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