How To Make Succulent Wedding Favors

Everybody needs a little greenery in their lives. And you don’t have to possess a magic green thumb to make these petite gifts come to life. These wedding favors created by Ruffled Blog speak for themselves with the cuteness factor and will bring a unique touch to your wedding! 

Live Succulents
Glass Votives
12″ latex balloons


Step 1: Take your selection of colorful latex balloons and cut them all at the stem of the balloon and also cut a little from the top of the balloons. There are no exact measurements needed. In fact, creating your favors at varying heights will enhance the uniqueness!

Step 3: Slide the balloon pieces up around the votive, similar to a tea cozy.

Step 4: Gather your live succulents and prepare your workspace for repotting!

Step 5: Repot each mini succulent into your chosen votive, removing soil and roots as necessary to fit. For further instruction, see our replanting blog.

Told ya this was easy peasy! Make sure to give your newly planted succulents 2-3 days before watering to give roots time to heal.

DIY Succulent Wedding Favor

There really is no end to the ways you can use these favors. From home decor, to party favors, or even as a simple gift of gratitude to friends and family! Like we said, greenery is food for the soul, so be sure to check out our large selection of live plants.

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