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How To Create A Pink Magnolia Holiday Tablescape

Welcome the holidays with this gorgeous pink magnolia holiday tablescape.

First we'll start with the step-by-step tutorial on putting this fabulous magnolia centerpiece together, then we'll get to all the ways we have accented it to create a stunning tablescape. With every step, it gets more beautiful!

Magnolia Floral Arrangement

Materials: 8 large velvet magnolia stems, 3 peonies, 4-5 small magnolia sprays, 2 magnolia leaf sprays, 1 vase, wire cutters, floral foamfloral tape.

Floral Foam

Step 1: Place the piece of floral foam inside the vase. It does not have to fit the entire shape of the vase, simply cover the base of the bowl. Use a knife to cut the foam to fit, if needed.

Floral Tape

Step 2: With sticky floral tape, create a criss-cross pattern to hold the floral foam in place.

Magnolia Leaves

Step 3: Using wire cutters, carefully trim the magnolia leaf stems, leaving about 1/4 of the stem. Then push the flower stem into the lower sides of the floral foam, creating a base. 

Magnolia BloomsMagnolia Arrangement

Step 4: Carefully trim the velvet magnolia stems. Keep these stems the same size, this will create a rounded arrangement. Push the stems into the sides and top of the floral foam.

Velvet Magnolia Stems

Step 5: Use the leaves that were removed from the magnolia stems to fill in any gaps and cover any visible floral foam.

Magnolia Floral Arrangement

Step 6: Trim the peony stems and push them into the floral foam between the pink velvet magnolia stems. 

Holiday Floral Arrangement

Step 7: Then trim the smaller magnolia floral stems. Cut these at varying lengths to create a sense of depth and contrast to your arrangement. Place these in any areas there are gaps, or that needs a color break. 

Velvet Magnolia Holiday Floral Arrangement

That completes your floral arrangement! Now create a beautiful tablescape to match.

Materials: paper table runner, chargers, plates, silverware, 4 candles, 4 candle holders, Christmas ornaments and place cards for each plate, a pen, scissors, a lighter. 

Table Runner

Step 1: Carefully cut your table runner with the scissors to fit your table length.

Gold Tablescape

Step 2: Set out your tableware. First lay out your chargers, then set the plates of top of them. Finish the place setting with flatware.

Step 3: Personalize your table cards with each guests name, and lay them out on the plates. Hold onto the pen for some fun in the next step!

Christmas Ornaments

Step 4: Use a pen to wrap the wired stem of the Christmas ornament around and make it curly. Then set it along side your place cards on the plate as a festive accent!

DIY Floral Arrangement

Step 5: Top off the entire look by placing your previously created floral arrangement in the center of the table!

Candle Holders

Step 6: Put the tea light candles into the candle holders, and place them around the arrangement.

Holiday TablescapeDIY Holiday Centerpiece

Your stunning holiday tablescape is complete! 

If you decide to use in your holiday decorating be sure to add #Afloral to share!


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