DIY Silk Flower Crown

DIY Silk Flower Crown

What You’ll Need: Gather together silk flowers, wire and floral wrap. Lots of possibilities with Afloral’s selection, so you can really get creative here and make this your own! 

Step 1: Begin by taking your floral wire and shaping it around your head to fit.

Step 2: Trim the heads of your silk flowers beforehand, then begin one at a time wrapping floral tape around the wire frame to the flower. Floral tape gets sticky as it stretches, so give it a tug to help keep in place. Also face your flowers in one circular direction as you move along so that they all face forward.

Step 3:  Continue moving along your wire frame with flowers. We used a lot of medium sized flowers first, then filled with bigger focal flowers (Dahlia) and filler flowers (berries).

Step 4: Lastly, fill in any spaces with filler flowers or extra flowers you have to make the crown more full. Reinforce any loose pieces with more tape/glue.

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