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Succulents are a wedding favorite, so what could be better than a lifelike, forever fresh, artificial succulent DIY design!  

succulent christmas tree

Gather your materials.  You will need a hot glue gun with glue, styrofoam cones of varying heights, wire cutters, and LED wire light strings.  (For this project the cones were 9.75” and 5.75” tall, and the lights were 4.5’ long).  You will also need a wide variety of artificial succulents- incorporating multiple sizes, shapes and colors.  We used three of each of the mini echeveria picks, Hen-and-Chicks in both avocado and burgundy, two styles of sedum, and a succulent grass bush.

succulent christmas tree

Step 1: Begin by wrapping the wire string lights around the cone, starting at the top of the cone and wrapping downward.  The wire string will keep the lights in place during the project but for added security you can add a few dots of glue.

succulent christmas tree

 Step 2: Push the battery pack into the bottom of the cone to hide and secure.

succulent christmas tree

Step 3:  Remove the succulent heads from the stems using wire cutters.

succulent christmas tree

Step 4:  Begin hot glueing the succulents to the foam cones.  Start at the bottom and work your way up.  We worked largest to smallest as we moved up the cone, but you can also use the different succulents to create a pattern.  

succulent christmas tree

Step 5:  Use the smaller succulents, the sedum and grass bush, to fill in any holes.  Be careful to not fully cover the lights.  

(Tip: Leave the lights turned on as you work so you know where to place the succulents.)



This DIY Succulent Tree is a perfect addition to a holiday wedding, or anytime of year!  If you don’t like the tree design you can swap the styrofoam cone for a sphere and make a pomander ball instead. If succulents aren’t your thing you can substitute your favorite Afloral faux flower.  Looking for something more festive for the holidays?  Use mini ornaments or poinsettias to cover the cone.  The options are endless!

If you make your own succulent tree using these steps and artificial flowers we'd love to see it!  Please share on Instagram with hashtag #Afloral


  • Cady with Afloral on

    You’ll be happy to know there weren’t any succulents harmed in the making of this DIY 😊These beautiful trees were made with completely fake succulents!

  • Joleen Shultzabarger on

    Why are you killing those succulents by using hot glue!!! OMG, you can easily make this with chicken wire!!! PLEASE rethink this!! THANKS.

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