May Newsletter: Artificial Outdoor Plants & Wall Planters

Wedding Centerpiece Fake Flowers

Shop the Rainbow

Who says you can’t pair orange with fuschia, yellow with violet, or blue with blue? Not us! Color is one of our closest friends and we’d love to introduce you. With spring in full bloom and summer just around the bend, bright warm tones are popping up everywhere - including our site. We love pairing these warm blooms with funky cool accents. Don’t be shy, give it a try! Remember, the best part of your design - is you. There are no hard set “rules” in floral design, so take confidence in your colors!
 Artificial Outdoor Plants & Wall Planters

Artificial Outdoor & UV Protected Flowers and Plants

It’s getting hot in here. No literally, summer is coming and the thought of maintaining our decks, window sills, and outdoor spaces has us exhausted. Thankfully, we’ve got the answer to your burning question. Who’ll water your plants while you’re on vacation? Nobody, because they’re fake! They don’t need watering, weeding, or worrying. Weather-resistant, UV protected, and outdoor artificial flowers and plants are your ticket to a stress-free, beautifully landscaped summer.
Choose weather-resistant or UV-protected flowers for your outdoor planters, hanging baskets, and full-sun spaces. Sturdy plastic flowers and plants will also thrive outside. Team tip: spray all your outdoor artificial florals & greenery with an extra coat of UV protection spray (find it at your local hardware store). It helps to fight the fade! Outdoor artificial flowers and plants should last between 2 seasons and 5 years depending on your local climate.
 Artificial Outdoor Plants & Wall Planters
This summer skip the harsh chemicals, conserve water, and if bees are an allergy issue - enjoy the look of flowers without the hassle. Drape wisteria from a basket, weave garland along railings, xeriscape with plastic succulents, and fill potters full of azaleas or gardenias. Piqued your interest? Check out our latest article.

Trending: Animal Planters

Spotted - these cute characters are making an entrance, everywhere! You’ve probably seen them on Pinterest, your favorite home decor blog, and now, here. Whether you secretly love unicorns, have a soft spot for llamas, or just need to brighten up your cubicle with a carp, there’s an animal planter just for you!
 Artificial Outdoor Plants & Wall Planters

Wall & Hanging Planter Alternatives 

Let’s elevate your plant game, literally. Suspended baskets, planters, and wall hangings are having a moment, and so are we! Whether you choose a simple geometric shape, brighten up your gallery wall, or nestle your plant baby in its new macrame home - your walls will thank us. Draw the eye up, go bold, and add a touch of greenery - anywhere. Team tip: go faux, forget about watering, and hang your plant wherever. No maintenance needed!
 Artificial Outdoor Plants & Wall Planters
Design: @weddingchicks // Jewels: @jewelsfloral // Photo: @radionphotography | Designer: @bluegraygal 

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