Advantages of Faux Plants

Advantages of Faux Plants


Remember when fake plants looked fake? Thankfully, unrealistic faux plants are a thing of the past, as is the shame that surrounds them. Check out our top reasons to go faux, plus a few tips on how to style fake plants!


Zero Maintenance

Get the look without the hassle. Artificial house plants are low maintenance and require zero watering, trimming, or repotting. For the most realistic effect, dust your fake plant regularly and style in a well-lit area where a live plant would naturally thrive. Nothing gives away a fake plant faster than dusty leaves.


Advantages of Fake Plants


Family Friendly


Live plants are a great air-purifying addition to any home. Unfortunately, many can be toxic to humans and pets. Create a safe and stunning space for your family by swapping the real deal for a few faux plant alternatives. Choose a popular pre-potted option like a ZZ Plant or Fiddle Leaf Fig that can be styled alone, in a basket, or placed in a slightly larger vase or pot. To eliminate any opportunity for a future mess, choose a fake plant with securely fastened faux dirt or rocks, or one pre-potted in a planter that fits your home decor.


Advantages of Fake Plants



A high-quality, realistic faux plant never goes out of style. Typically made of wire and plastic, fake plants are more durable than their live counterparts and can be easily manipulated and styled to perfection forever. Buy one artificial plant now and save yourself and your wallet from buying and killing plants for years.

No Light, No Worries

Plants are the perfect addition to any space, unfortunately, not all spaces were made for plants! Forget trying to water your top shelf pathos or the weekly ritual of rearranging your plants to get equal light. Give your real plants the window seat they deserve and shelf the rest!

How to Style

Most faux plants come pre-potted or have a pick for a base. Simply swap your dead plant for an everlasting option by replacing the old with the new! 

  • Bury the base of your plant pick in the soil until the leaves look like they’re naturally emerging. Another option for heavier faux plants is to secure the pick of your faux plant to either floral foam or a piece of clay at the bottom of your planter, then fill with dirt.
  • For pre-potted faux plants, choose a planter that fits with your decor or hide the planter inside another vase or basket. Most pre-potted plants are securely fastened to their container, therefore measure the outside of that vessel as it will need to fit within the inside measurements of your new planter.

How to Style Fake Plants