Boho Wedding Bouquet

April Newsletter: Bohemian Weddings and House Plants

The Dirt - Boho Themed Weddings

Unconventional, artsy, and effortlessly beautiful - of course, boho weddings are in! Whether you’re dreaming of a desert-chic celebration or an ethereal elopement we’ve got your wedding decor down.

Boho Wedding Decor

Succulents & cacti make great party-favors, crystals bring energy and light to any space, and geodes make great table numbers. Let your space speak for itself - mix & match votives, vintage candlestick holders, and eclectic vases.  

Boho Wedding Decorations

Browse the boho wedding category on our site to find a massive collection - everything from velvet ribbon to lanterns. If you can’t find what you’re dreaming of, drop us a line, we’re here to help! What do we think makes a great boho wedding? Your style! Break tradition, let loose, and remember the big day is about you & your partner - let your personality shine through!

Trending - Terrazzo, Pink Palms, & Spring’s Fake Blooms

With the rise of mid-century modern and all things art deco, comes our favorite retro trend - Terrazzo. Who knew flecks of granite & concrete blended together could be so sexy? Our Terrazzo planters come in three sizes - add faux or real succulents and you’re all set for your next #succulentsunday post.

Modern Ceramic Planters

Oh, and while we’re curating your Instagram feed, how do you feel about pink palms? Because we LOVE them. They’re perfect for decorating, weddings, bouquets, arrangements...fanning yourself in the summer heat. They check all the boxes and the final perk, they’re pink!

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Tropical Wedding Flowers

Our final and favorite trend: fake flowers. I mean yes, we’re definitely biased, BUT with the superbloom, Easter, & Mother’s Day all around the corner we’re not wrong about the timing. With faux flowers, you can have your wildflowers without disturbing nature and as for the holidays, give the best gift of all - one that requires no-maintenance and looks beautiful, forever.

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Silk Flowers

Houseplant Hype

Buy a houseplant they said. It will be fun they said. My drowned cactus would disagree. We’re obsessed with real houseplants but we also know caring for live plants is difficult, time-consuming, and not easy in a house full of children and pets. As plant loving realists, we take a flexible approach - mix & match. Your urban jungalow, your rules - fake & real.

Fake Friends

Low maintenance, try no maintenance! Artificial plants thrive anywhere, no matter the light or climate. They play well with kids and pets, never get thirsty, and rarely need a bath.  

Artificial Plants

Afloral creative director, LeAnne Samuelson swears by her fake plants. “I use faux branches, sprigs, and leaves everywhere. I have a bundle of fake eucalyptus on my kitchen table now! I love the look of it but could never keep the real thing alive,” she says. Team Tip: Place your fake friend in a well-lit place, it looks more real!

Real Friends

Real plants are needy, but if nurturing is your second nature, we applaud you! If not, start small and choose a live plant that talks to you (if it looks sad, add sunlight & water).

Live Houseplants

Before investing, get real with your space. Is it dark, bright, hot, humid? Shop accordingly. A few of our low-maintenance favorites: snake & pathos.

House Hunting - Plant Edition.

What makes a plant happy? Room to grow. Give your plant the home it deserves - a pot with proper drainage, space, and a pinch of character. We select every pot & planter, with a focus on quality. We proudly source from established artisans big and small. Berg’s Original Pots are hand-thrown in Tuscany, a tradition started in 1942. Each pot is stamped for quality and can be passed down for generations.

Ceramic Planters

Mika Modo pots, hand-painted face planters from the Netherlands, are designed to bring happiness. Milenka, Mika Modo’s founder & designer, paints each pot with the brand’s intention. “It means sweetness in Japanese. It’s a coincidence, but so fitting for the brand. They’re made to bring happiness and that’s why they’re so sweet!”

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Mom’s Matter - Give Her A Gift That Does Too.

Whether you’re celebrating your favorite flower whisperer or a proud plant killer, one thing’s certain - she’s busy. Give her the gift of ease & time with a simple succulent garden or a pre-made artificial flower arrangement. Low-maintenance, beautiful, and most importantly - no stress!

Premade Artificial Flower Arrangement
DIY Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Floral Design: @southern_blossoms_floral | Photo: @jessicaephotography | Beauty: @sierrasbeauties | Dress: @sassychicbridal // Photo: @thriftypineapple