Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas and Tips

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas and Tips

Get creative with your holiday gift wrap this year! Use holiday-toned dried flowers, preserved orange slices, and preserved eucalyptus stems. Use brown craft paper to wrap your Christmas gifts, and spruce them up with these gift wrap ideas. Shop for everything you need here.

Gift Wrap Holiday Accents

Wrap Your Gifts

Start by wrapping your gifts, of course! We chose a neutral palette for our wrapping paper and selected ordinary Kraft paper (or butcher paper) in white and natural. Going neutral will allow your gift wrap accents to pop. On some gifts, instead of traditional ribbon we decided to go with a natural twine you can pick up at your local craft store.

Christmas Gifts Wrapped in Brown Kraft Paper

Choose Your Accents

When selecting your accent florals, always remember "less is more." We chose 2-3 items for each gift wrap combination to ensure the look wasn't too busy. Here is a list of the items we used for this tutorial:

  1. Preserved Orange Slices
  2. Cream White Preserved Hydrangea
  3. Preserved Weeping Eucalyptus
  4. Preserved Rosemary
  5. Tallow Berries
  6. Dried Berry Phalaris
  7. Real Touch Cedar 
  8. Artificial Poinsettia Bush
  9. Faux Berry Stems & Pine Cones
  10. Gold Artificial Bay Leaves

Gift Wrap Supplies for Christmas Presents

Pick Your Combinations

Ultimately, it's up to you on which combinations you pick. We suggest no more than three accent pieces per gift, but feel free to get creative! No two gifts need to look the same either, so be sure to utilize all of the stems and accents that you've chosen.

If you'd like to see which stems look best together, lay them on top of your gift before securing them with the twine just to be sure you like the combination. Once you've made a final decision, secure stems by either tucking the stem or tying the twine around the stem to ensure they won't be going anywhere!

Other Gift Wrap Tips

There are plenty of other clever ideas to jazz up your Christmas gifts this holiday season. Create a gift topper with miniature candy canes, create custom gift tags with dried florals, or incorporate these holiday accents when using gift bags. These accents are also a great addition to adding some holiday flair to Christmas cards or gift cards!

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