DIY Christmas Ornaments with Dried Flowers

DIY Christmas Ornaments with Dried Flowers

Create your own handmade Christmas ornaments this year with your leftover dried flowers, or repurpose that dried floral arrangement and up-cycle it into something festive and new. All you'll need is some fillable clear acrylic or glass ornaments and your favorite dried florals.

Choose Your Flowers

For this DIY, we decided to go with dried flowers simply because of their delicate-sized blooms and fun festive colors. We needed to make sure the flower heads and grasses would fit inside the opening of the ornaments we chose, so keep that in mind when selecting your dried flowers.

We kept with a classic red and green palette while throwing in a few neutral tones to keep things timeless. Here are the picks we decided to go with:

Dried Star Flower Bundle

    Fill the Ornaments

    The ornaments we chose were from Amazon, but consider other local craft stores, too. These ornaments open from the top with just a simple squeeze of the lid. We filled some ornaments with just one type of floral, but for others we chose two or three dried flower picks for some variation. Here are some tips we suggest when filling your ornaments.

    1.Trim any floral stems down that might be too long, like the gyp or the phalaris. Create small bunches with the gyp and stuff them into the ornament.

    2. Fill the ornaments, but be sure not to overstuff them. You want to be able to pick out the details of the florals when admiring the ornaments on your Christmas tree!

    3. For a different more complex look, take a few berry phalaris stems and hot glue them together. Once the glue has cooled, add a bundle of gyp and insert with the phalaris heads facing down to resemble hanging mistletoe.

    4.Have a pair of long-nose pliers or tweezers handy in case you need to remove some flowers from the ornament, or if you need some assistance placing the florals inside the small ornament opening.

    5. For an extra special homemade touch, cut the ornament loop off that comes attached and reattach your very own twine or ribbon for a more festive, unique look.

    6. Enjoy your beautiful dried flower ornaments!