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DIY Dried Flower Bouquet

Love the look of a dried floral bouquet but not sure where to start? Follow along! Whether you’re creating a dried flower wedding bouquet, designing a drop-in dried floral arrangement for your fall table decor, or simply want to learn a few basic dried floral design principles, this step-by-step tutorial is for you. Start by gathering your supplies and preserved florals here

Choose Your Dried Florals

For this design, our designer chose several dried flowers and preserved grasses in a variety of earth tones. When choosing florals, select large statement flowers, medium-sized florals, smaller accent stems and filler flowers, and finally greenery to tie it all together. Choose a color palette that compliments or pops against your home decor or wedding colors.

DIY Dried Flower Bouquet

Create Your Base

Start by gathering a few bundles of filler flower and creating a circular bouquet base. Add secondary stems around the perimeter to create an even and balanced look. Secure the center of your bouquet lightly with floral tape or a rubber band. For this design, our designer started with dried statice and accented with orange thistle protea stems. 

DIY Dried Flower Bouquet

Trim Preserved Sun Palms into Spears

We’re big fans of preserved sun palms, but sometimes a design calls for a more delicate look. If you have dried sun palms on hand, you can easily trim them down into any shape or size. Our designer chose to trim her large sun palms into smaller spear shapes and placed them symmetrically around the outside of the bouquet. Try placing each one at a slightly different angle to create dimension.

DIY Dried Flower Bouquet

Build Out Your Bouquet with Large Structural Blooms

To continue building out the look, add smaller statement flowers sporadically throughout the design. For this, we’re using large yellow Craspedia billy buttons. Once you’ve created the general shape of your bouquet, start to build out with secondary, medium-sized blooms. Try choosing preserved flowers in colors that compliment your statement florals, and don’t distract from the focal points of the design. For a cohesive look, choose florals in the same color family but in a slightly softer shade as your main dried flowers. For this design, we chose dried amaranth and rosemary seed pods.

DIY Dried Flower Bouquet

Add Dimension with Preserved Grasses and Textural Florals

Give your bouquet a few final touches with textural florals and dried grasses. Create a cascading effect with dried aspen reed or a feathery grass alternative like pampas grass. Add dimension with dried florals like yarrow.

DIY Dried Flower Bouquet

Secure, Trim Stems, and Wrap with Ribbon

Once you’ve secured your bouquet with floral tape, place it in a vase and look at it from all angles. If you’re designing a fall wedding bouquet, try holding the design in front of a mirror. Finally, wrap your floral tape with a complimenting ribbon and you’re DIY wedding florals are finished!  For cleanup, keep any short clippings of your dried flowers and grasses to use in bud vases for your dried wedding flowers.

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