Fake Flower Fall Centerpieces

October Newsletter: Dried Flowers, Fall Decor, & Holiday Greenery

‘Tis the season of pumpkin spice everything and burnt tones galore. Fortunately, neutral fall decor pairs with almost any palette and can be spiced up to match your style. Jen Cavender, floral designer and owner of Nectar + Bloom studio, loves integrating color into her fall designs. “There’s so much more to fall than just brown and oranges. Do fall around coral, do fall around green. Why not feel free to mess around with what colors combinations are possible,” she says. Instead of going full frappuccino, take stock of the colors your home or landscape already has. Do they pair well with lavender, soft pistachio, burnt ochre or mustard (all colors we see on the fall runway) and harmonize from there. Artificial flowers come in all shades, so don’t be afraid to go bold, you can always reuse your stems in another arrangement later! Add artificial berries or textural focal points like branches to create an autumnal vibe without going overboard.

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3 Dried Flower DIYs That Belong in Your Home
Bundled Up:  Simple does it, or so we like to think when crafting DIYs. For an effortlessly beautiful look, bundle together an array of dried flowers and grasses, place in your favorite vase, and voila! Pair neutrals with a pop of color or fulfill your neon dreams with bold dyed flowers like gypsophila (baby’s breath) and bunny tail. Create a sculptural statement with just a few stand-alone sprigs or go full maximalist and build the dried flower bouquet of your dreams. 

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Hung Up: Excuse us while we take down all of our art and hang these dried flower wreaths up instead! Dried flower wall hangings are super simple to create, cost a fraction of the price of premade decor, and are unique to you and your style. Start with a wooden or metal hoop, place tulle in the center if using a wooden hoop, plan out your design, then use hot glue or wire to secure. Four simple steps, a few ingredients, and you’ve got yourself a wall hanging all your friends will be asking about.

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Coupled Up: For a look that lasts, combine your favorite dried flowers and preserved grasses with artificial flowers. Swap filler flowers for dried florals, replace greens with preserved grasses and make a statement with trendy accents like preserved protea or dried palm leaves. Adding a splash of silk is a simple switch that brings your dried flower arrangement to life without the hassle of fresh florals.

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Top 5 Underrated Flowers 
 Hydrangea: The IT wedding flower. Artificial hydrangea flowers are lush, romantic, and the perfect space saver in any design. With a wide variety of hydrangea colors, this bloom can blend with any palette. Add dried hydrangeas to your bouquet for a vintage touch or stand them alone in a tall clear vase for a delicate accent that works year-round.
Scabiosa: Also known as a pincushion flower, artificial scabiosa flowers are flirty, fun, and just the right size to build out a bouquet or centerpiece. With bright green stems and vibrant blooms, they add the perfect pop of color and a wildflower vibe to any design. Artificial scabiosa pods, on the other hand, are whimsical, ethereal, and add a dash of the dried trend, without the delicate nature of the real thing. 

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Anthurium: The tropical trend gone has gone viral, and we’re here for it. Anthuriums, the star of the show, demand attention with their vibrant botanical blooms and leaf-life qualities. Add a touch of tropical to your space with no-maintenance artificial anthuriums. Stand the stems tall in a simple vase for a sculptural vibe or build out your arrangement around this focal flower; either way, these blooms are anything but subtle. 
Banksia Protea: Banksia protea is the cool kid of flowers. With a loud and slightly edgy aesthetic, Banksia protea steals the show in any design. When dried, they add a textural statement with one simple sprig. Drop a few in short vase for a low-key coffee table arrangement or add them into your next design as a sculptural focal flower. 
Astilbe: Perfect for hanging bouquets or floral chandeliers astilbe are versatile, textural, and the perfect addition to any DIY flower arrangement. Add depth and dimension with just a sprig or two or create an entire arrangement with artificial astilbe flowers. Artificial anthurium, preserved protea, artificial astilbe
How to Decorate with Poinsettias and Holiday Flowers
With fall in full swing and the holidays swiftly approaching, stress less, go faux, and start planning your holiday decor early. With the help of artificial flowers, you can easily transition from fall to Christmas without the hassle of fresh florals. Place artificial poinsettias in your indoor and outdoor planters, replace fall foliage with artificial red berries and greenery, and repurpose your faux florals as tree decor. Swap fresh greens for preserved pine or mistletoe - they smell fresh, never go dry or brittle, and can be reused year after year. If you’re planning on using greens in your gift wrapping, buy one bundle of preserved pine and stretch it throughout the season.

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