Fake Flowers That Look Real

Fake Flowers That Look Real

Not sure how to make fake flowers look real? We got you! Follow along below for our favorite tips + tricks to create the most realistic artificial flower arrangements.

Step 1: Choose high-quality, real-touch stems. 

For the most realistic artificial flowers, choose single stems with the words real-touch, silk, and wired in the product description. Real-touch stems are typically made from foam and latex and almost feel damp to the touch. Silk flowers are generally fabric coated in wax. Most contain a wired stem that can be easily bent for a more natural look.

Fake Flowers that Look Real

Step 2: Bend or trim the stems.

Measure the stems to stand ⅓ higher than your vase, then trim or bend. For opaque vases, try bending the stems - it allows you to keep playing later at different heights. For a life-like arrangement, cut/bend the stems with wire cutters to varying heights so the arrangement feels effortless vs. stiff. Then, fluff the petals, bend the stems a bit, and play! 

 Step 3: Fluff the petals and leaves.

Before creating your fake flower arrangement, bend and fluff the petals and leaves of each stem. Real flowers don’t stand straight up in nature, so try slightly bending the stems for a more natural look.

Where to find fake flowers that look real

Step 4: Add water.

If you’re using a clear vase, fill the bottom with water. If the stems of your fake flowers are wired, dab a bit of glue onto the cut stem so the wire won’t rust in the water. If you love the look of your arrangement and want to keep it forever, try using acrylic water.

How to Make Fake Flowers Look Real

Step 5: Keep them clean and store them safely.

Clean your artificial flowers with a damp cloth if they start to look dusty. Short on time? Try hitting them with a quick blow dry on a low heat setting. When you’re not enjoying your faux florals, store them away in a sealed container out of direct sunlight.

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