Fall Centerpiece with Dried Sun Palms

September Newsletter: Fall Tablescapes, Dried Grass, Fall Colors, & Fall Weddings

What’s simple, affordable, reusable, and absolutely insta-worthy? Your DIY fall tablescape! This season, forgo the fall centerpiece and add a touch of texture to your table. Combine artificial garland, silk flowers, and dried flowers and grasses to create a one-of-a-kind design that can be repurposed for all your seasonal gatherings. Start with your favorite base - greenery, artificial garland, or dried palms, and build out your design from there. We're partial to palms, especially the pink kind...p.s., they're back in stock soon! Place large artificial fall flowers sporadically as accents and weave dried flowers and grasses throughout for an effortlessly styled look. Add a pop of color with coral, sprinkle in terracotta, or pair pink with dusty earth tones for a palette that packs just the right punch.

preserved palm tablescape with dried flowers

5 Ways to Use Dried Grass in Your Fall Decor

Pampas Grass-This fan-favorite dried grass is versatile, ethereal, and instantly upgrades your interior decor. Bundle it together in a tall floor vase or cut the stems down for a short, lush table arrangement. If you’re creating an artificial fall flower centerpiece, add a sprig or two as a whimsical accent.

Wheat & Rye - Nothing says fall quite like freshly harvested grains. Add dried wheat & rye to your fall arrangements or bundle them together for a fresh from the field look. Place a sprig or two on your table setting to add a hint of harvest to your seasonal celebration.

pampas grass and wheat tablescape and table setting

Cattails - These retro blades are exactly what your fall decor is missing. Sculptural, sleek, and subtle, cattails are a perfect addition to any minimalist fall decor. Style them bundled together or solo, even one sprig makes a statement. 

Bunny Tail - Cute and full of character, bunny tails are the perfect addition to any fall decor. This fluffy foliage comes in an array of earthy tones ranging from bleached white to chocolate brown. Add a few sprigs to your designs for a feathery accent or simply bundle it together for an effortless look. It’s surprisingly sturdy and adds just the right amount of fluff to any floral DIY. 

Whitewash Sun Palm - Who says fall decor can’t be tropical? These whitewashed palms are the perfect natural accent to any fall flower arrangement and can easily transform a tablescape. Pair with pops of color or play up a neutral palette with white pumpkins and raw wood table decor. 

cat tails, brown and chocolate bunny tail, whitewashed sun palm

Trending: Fall Colors, Lanterns, & Funky Fall Decor

It’s finally fall and all we want to do is rest our eyes on soft shades and inviting earth tones. Pair chocolate brown, mustard, lilac, or pistachio hued accents with any neutral base to keep your designs fresh, yet grounded. Add preserved grasses, acorns and gourds, or berries to your designs for a subtle seasonal touch. For your outdoor spaces, add ambient lighting with lanterns. Our favorite fall decorating trend yet? Funk. Think outside the traditional box and play up your palette! Add artificial pumpkins in pops of color for a fun seasonal decorating alternative. 

fall bouquet with dried grass, sun palms, and protea with a blue artificial pumpkin

No Shame in Fake Greens

As the temperature fades, sadly so do our favorite live greens. Our quick fix? Supplement your outdoor spaces, interiors, and designs with artificial greenery. These no-hassle live plant alternatives never need water, won’t fade in your sunny spaces and can be reused season after season. Dress up your deck with eucalyptus garland or add a few dusty miller bushes to your outdoor arrangements. Faux flocked leaves look good year-round and can transition into any season. Looking for a lush addition? Artificial boxwood is our favorite!

artificial boxwood garland and artificial dusty miller plant with mikamodo vase

Fall Weddings & Your Chance to Win $1000

We’re partial to fall weddings. Maybe it’s the dreamy fall foliage, the earthy undertones, or simply the fact that we’re not sweating like it’s a midsummer nightmare. Either way, we can’t help but swoon over this season’s top fall wedding trends. Hoop bouquets accented with dried grass, tall branches and ethereal installations, and berry filler flowers are topping the Pinterest charts. If you’re designing your own arrangements, give our DIY hoop wreath a try! If you used our flowers in your wedding this year or are planning your big day for 2019, enter our Submit Your Wedding Contest for a chance to win $1000. For daily floral inspiration, giveaways, and all the latest trends follow us on social.

pampas grass fall wedding, hoop bouquet with dried grass and dried flower