How to Design with Dried Flowers and Preserved Grasses

How to Style Dried Flowers and Grasses

How To Design with Dried Flowers and GrassesDecorating with dried flowers is a simple, low budget way to create stunning home decor accents. The best part? They last forever and instantly upgrade your aesthetic! Whether your style is boho, farmhouse, or modern - adding dried flowers and preserved grasses brings the outside in without the price tag and hassle of fresh flowers or live plants. Follow along for a few simple styling tips and easy DIY’s!

how to style dried pampas grass in home decor and dried flower wreathHow to Style Dried Pampas Grass

And the most popular award goes to - this stunning stem! Over the past few years, dried pampas grass has popped up everywhere from your Pinterest feed to celebrity weddings. This dried grass is an excellent option for adding texture to dried floral arrangements and dried flower wreaths or styled alone in a tall vase. Team Tip: Shake gently and spray with hairspray or spray adhesive before adding to your home decor. Pampas grass tends to shed, so we recommend doing this outside. 

How to Create a Dried Flower ArrangementHow to Create a Dried Flower Arrangement

Before diving into your first floral design DIY, choose a color palette, vibe, and container. LeAnne Samuelson, Afloral creative director says, “Sometimes I start with the vase and choose my color palette from there, or sometimes it’s the other way around, and my vase ends up being a pop or compliment. Choosing the color palette first will help you establish a cohesive look for your decor.” Dried flowers come in an array of colors, textures, and heights, so gather inspiration first! Once you’ve selected your color palette, choose a mix of dried flowers in different sizes and textures to add dimension to your design. Start with your largest focal flower and bundle smaller blooms around. Add dried baby’s breath, dried wildflowers, or preserved eucalyptus as filler. 

How to Design a Dried Flower Arrangement

  • Choose a color palette that compliments your decor.
  • Find a vase/container that works with your design dimensions. For small arrangements, we suggest 5-7 inches tall and 10 inches or more for larger designs. 
  • Add focal flowers first. Leave your stems tall; you can trim later.
  • Add your secondary blooms.
  • Fill in with dried eucalyptus, bleached ferns, or dried baby’s breath as filler.

Looking to do less? Get a head start with pre-made bundles or create a dramatic effect by styling your entire design with just one bloom, such as dried hydrangeas or dried lavender.

How to Create a Dried Flower ClocheHow to Design a Dried Flower Cloche

What can we say, vintage is in! Dried flower cloches have made quite the comeback, and we couldn’t be more obsessed with this trendy styling option. Whether you’re looking to add a dash of Parisian charm or spice up your space with some bold blooms, cloches are a unique way to showcase your creativity and favorite florals. 

  • Choose your cloche - a wood base helps maintain a neutral color palette while metal adds a modern twist. 
  • Build a base for your dried florals with floral foam or clay - secure with adhesive to the center of your base. 
  • Focus on height - choose your tallest focal flowers first. The space inside of a cloche is surprisingly deceiving, so test the height against your container regularly. 
  • Design downward - let the eye trickle to the base of your cloche by sprinkling in smaller flowers from the top down. 
  • Fill in with moss, baby’s breath, or other small dried flowers as filler.
  • Give it a spin - turn your design around to make sure it’s well balanced, and you’ve covered your base. 
  • Team Tip: Get as busy or keep it as simple as you’d like - try adding a large focal point like mini palm spears or a large flower head to add extra drama.

How to Design with Dried Orange SlicesHow to Design with Dried Orange Slices

From the looks of our Pinterest feed, dried orange slices are good for a lot more than just a cocktail garnish! From DIY holiday garland to dried flower wreaths, designing with dried orange slices is a simple way to add a zesty touch to any home decor. Give these simple DIY’s a try!

  • String dried orange slices together with thread for a stunningly simple DIY garland.
  • Add to DIY dried flower wreaths for extra texture and dimension.
  • Wire a stem onto a few dried orange slices and add as a pop to your floral arrangements.
  • Sprinkle across a tablescape for natural DIY table confetti.
  • Use as vase filler in clear vases.
  • Add to place settings for a delicate, yet dramatic touch.

How to Design with Dried Orange Slices

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