How to Style Fake Cherry Blossoms

How to Style Artificial Cherry Blossoms and Faux Branches


How to Style Artificial Cherry Blossoms and Fake Tree Branches in Boho Home Decor

This season, bring the outside in with no-maintenance fake branches and greenery. Whether you’re styling a simple side table or an over-the-top mantlepiece, faux branches and greenery elevate your home decor effortlessly - without the worry of allergies or upkeep. For a look that lasts, design with these tips in mind!

Find the Right Vase

Styling branches is simple with the right vase, which determines the size and shape of each design. To add height, stems should stand between 1/2 to 2/3 the height of your vessel. To add depth, stems should branch out twice the width of your container. Give your creation a unique touch with a vase that speaks to you! Look for a complimenting pop of color or a classic ceramic find you’ll use over and over.
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Bend, Trim, and Fluff

For the most realistic look, separate branches, leaves, and flower blossoms so each stem flows organically. To create an array of height and texture, trim or bend the length of each stem. Finally, fluff all leaves and flowers to give your design a tousled, yet natural vibe.

How to Style Fake Cherry Blossom Branches and Faux Branches for Spring Home Decor

Keep It Simple

For a bold yet simple look, fill your container with a bundle of just one type of faux stem. Stagger branch heights to create dimension and texture. If you’re working with an opaque vase, bend the end of your stems instead of trimming so you can reuse later at different heights.

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Just Add Water

If styling with a clear vase, add water to create the impression your stems are fresh. Acrylic water is also an excellent option for a more permanent look.

How to Style Artificial Spring Branches and Fake Cherry Blossoms In Vase

Play With Texture and Color

The best part of designing with faux branches is that you can repurpose and recreate! Give your design a pop of color with lemon or orange fake fruit branches. Simply add a sprig or two to greenery or style alone. For more dimension, add faux flowering branches like cherry blossom or magnolia.

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