June Newsletter: Artificial Flowers & Flower Chandeliers

Fall Centerpiece with Fake Flowers
It’s officially summer! Which calls for less watering, weeding, and worrying and more fun in the sun. Swap fresh cut florals for faux, xeriscape with artificial succulents, and keep summer simple! Spice up your summer designs with warm citrus hues and mutable tones. A few of our favorites? Artificial poppies in pink & pale yellow, pink dried pampas grass, and burnt orange cosmos.
artificial poppies and citrus hues

5 Reasons to Go Faux

$$$ - Sick of buying fresh cut flowers, replanting the same flower beds, or shamelessly killing plants. Us too. Fake flowers & plants never die and can be repurposed season after season.

Busy?  - Your time is your money, literally. Fake flowers require no maintenance, never get thirsty, and look market-fresh forever. Plant with artificial succulents for a southwestern vibe that never goes out of style.

DIY - Artificial flowers are resilient and last forever. What was once a wedding bouquet can easily transform into a DIY centerpiece or home decor accent.

When? Now. - Any season, any style, any color. Fake flowers are always in season, no matter where you live.

Allergen Free - Artificial flowers look the part but won't cause a ceremony full of sneezes. For those allergic to bees, outdoor artificial plants are also a perfect swap.

artificial succulents

Natural Dried Flowers

Rumor has it dried is the new fresh. Dried flowers and grasses are popping up everywhere, from floral installations to table-side accents. Bundle dried blooms together for a bold look or choose a simple sprig for a delicate accent.  Creating a bouquet? Swap filler flowers for fluffy grasses and add a pop of color with preserved greenery.  
dried protea and preserved sun palms

Trending: Flower Chandeliers & Floral Installations

Elevate your event with a floral focal point that lasts forever. Use dried stems and preserved grasses for a textural flower installation. Post-ceremony, create DIY bundles or small flower clouds from your hanging centerpieces or reuse your artificial wedding bouquet as a nursery mobile. 

flower chandelier and floral installation

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