Outdoor & UV Protected Flowers and Greenery

The sun is shining and you’ve got an epic Sunday Funday on deck. What’s also on your deck? Needy plants. We get it! You’re busy and we believe the last thing on your summer checklist should be weeding, watering, and worrying about who’ll take care of your plants when you’re hitting the beach. 
Outdoor Artificial Flowers
Thankfully we’ve got your outdoor spaces covered and your curb appeal on lock. Meet your new summertime savior - UV protected & weather-resistant florals and greenery. These outdoor pros thrive rain or shine, are remarkably realistic, and require little to no maintenance. Whether planted in a pot or garden, hung in a basket, or woven in a trellis you’ll get the look, without the hassle. 
Fake Outdoor Flowers and Greenery
When deciding which artificial flowers and greenery will thrive in your space, remember not all fake flowers are created equal. Some are made from fabric and plastic while others are made from latex and foam. The foam will melt in the rain, so steer clear of real-touch flowers. Look for the keywords weather-resistant, UV protected, outdoor, and plastic for optimal outside use. 
This all-encompassing term protects from rain, wind, and UV rays. Typically, these artificial flowers or plants are made from a polyblend (a blend of two materials) or plastic, not fabric. Although pliable and realistic, they will feel more like plastic and have a slight sheen.
Faux Outdoor Greenery
On the plus side, they are the most resilient option and will last the longest. Depending on your location and wear-and-tear these flowers or plants can last anywhere from 2 seasons to 5 years. 
UV Protected
The sun can be harsh, especially in the south or dry desert climates where maintaining florals is a struggle. Thankfully, UV protected florals and greenery fend off the rays in a variety of ways. Polyblend and plastic plants mix UV protection into the formula while silk or fabric flowers are coated in it. Either way, we recommend purchasing a secondary clear UV protection spray to prevent future fading. You can find it at your local hardware store. 
UV Protected Artificial Flowers
UV-protected flowers and plants are a great option for hanging baskets, windowsills, or any location spared from the elements. We’re talking torrential rain, ravenous winds, or your high-pressure sprinkler system. Our favorites: azalea, gardenia, wisteria, and a touch of fern
Outdoor Flower Wedding Backdrop
Outdoor or Plastic
Go ahead, fill your windowsill with plastic succulents...they’ll be fine! Most plastic artificial flowers and plants are safe to use outside. Spray them down with a nice coat of UV protectant and you’re good to go! Team tip: choose light or white flowers, they’re less likely to fade.
Outdoor Artificial Flowers and Greenery
It may seem counterintuitive to put fake plants outside, but saving time and money is anything but. You can skip the harsh chemicals, conserve water, and if bees are an allergy issue - enjoy the flowers without smelling them. Weave garland along railings, drape wisteria from a basket, create a zero-scape with forever succulents, and plant potters full of azaleas or gardenias. Spend one Sunday Funday landscaping, and forget about it!