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Artificial Plants and Stems 100 items


  • Artificial Green Hanging Amaranthus
    Green Fake Hanging Amaranthus

    Artificial Amaranthus Spray in Green


    Gorgeous amaranthus spray in vivid green. Also known as a summer poinsettia, this green amaranthus adds texture to hanging centerpieces and cascadi...

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  • Fake Palm Leaves in Tropical Flower Bouquet
    Green Fake Palm Leaves

    Artificial Tropical Palm Leaf - 33.5"


    Bring paradise to your indoor space with artificial tropical plants, like these stunning fake palm leaves. Perfect to add to your floral vase arran...

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  • Fake Tropical Fan Palm
    Artificial Green Fan Palm

    Artificial Fan Palm Leaf - 30"


    Artificial fan palm spray in green made of plastic. The perfect accent greenery to bring a tropical touch to your wedding designs with a pop of vib...

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  • Artificial Monstera Tropical Greenery
    Fake Tropical Monstera Leaf

    Real Touch Monstera Leaf - 29" Tall


    Beautiful monstera leaf stem in vibrant green. Add it to your bouquets or centerpieces to give your designs an exotic, tropical feel perfect for a ...

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  • Fake Monstera Leaves in White Vase
    Fake Monstera Leaf Bundle

    Artificial Monstera Leaf Bundle - 25.5"


    Capture the feeling of paradise when you decorate your home and events with high-quality artificial tropical leaves. This fake monstera leaf bundle...

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  • Large Faux Elephant Ear Leaves in White Vase
    Large Fake Elephant Ear Stem

    Artificial Tropical Elephant Ear Leaf - 43"

    Current Price $19.95
    Original Price $22.00

    Find high-quality faux tropical leaves, like this amazing elephant ear leaf stem. Whether you style alone in a tall vase or incorporate into weddin...

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  • Artificial Beige Foxtail Grass
    Beige Foxtail Grass

    Fake Foxtail Fall Grass in Beige - 36"


    Find artificial grasses, like this foxtail grass spray in beige. It's the perfect coastal decor, use fake filler grass to enhance your flower arran...

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  • Fake Pampas in Ivory
    Ivory Artificial Pampas Grass

    Ivory Artificial Pampas Grass - 33"


    Find fake grasses that last and stay beautiful, like this ivory pampas grass stem. Whether you are styling hoop wreaths or floral vase arrangements...

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  • Faux Palm Leaf in Beige
    Beige Artificial Palm Leaf

    Beige Fake Palm Leaf - 37" Tall


    Find fake leaves to style your home decor vase arrangements, like this stunning beige palm leaf stem. These artificial palm leaves are a great neut...

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  • Fake Grasses Pink Artificial Pampas
    Faux Grasses Pink Pampas

    Fake Pampas Grass in Pink - 49"

    Current Price $8.55
    Original Price $10.00

    Find fake, tall grasses for trendy home decor, like this pink pampas grass stem. This faux artificial pampas is perfect for your everyday floor vas...

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  • Fake Burgundy Pampas Grass
    Fake Pampas Grass in Burgundy

    Burgundy Fake Pampas Grass - 49"

    Current Price $4.95
    Original Price $8.00

    Inspired by the look of dried grasses, this burgundy artificial pampas grass makes home vase styling simple and fun. It's sure to look beautiful in...

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  • Artificial Pampas in Pink Beige
    Blush Beige Fake Pampas

    Beige Blush Artificial Pampas Grass - 33"


    Inspired by the look of dried grasses, this tan and beige artificial pampas grass makes home vase styling simple and fun. Its neutral color is the ...

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  • Faux Pampas Grass in Mauve Pink

    Mauve Pink Fake Pampas Grass - 34"

    Current Price $7.55
    Original Price $14.00

    Tall, fake grasses for your trendy vase decor are found in this striking mauve pink artificial pampas grass stem. Simply style alone to create a co...

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  • Styled Pink Fake Pampas Grasses in White Vase
    Fake Grasses Rose Pink Pampas Grass

    Rose Pink Faux Pampas Grass - 31"


    Find faux grasses that make home styling simple, like this stunning pampas grass in dusty rose pink. All you need is a tall vase to display the art...

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  • Faux Greenery Snake Plant
    Artificial Potted Snake Plant

    Faux Outdoor Snake Plant in Pot - 35" Tall

    Current Price $90.00
    Original Price $120.00

    Find indoor and outdoor artificial plants in pots, like this variegated green fake snake plant. This sansevieria mother-in-law's tongue house plant...

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  • Artificial Olive Leaf Branche
    Fake Olive Branch in Pot

    Fake Potted Plant Olive Tree in Pot - 26"


    Find fake potted plants that never need sun or water, like this ever-popular olive leaf tree plant in a grey washed planter pot. No matter which ro...

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  • Fake Orchid Leaves in Green
    Artificial Green Phalaenopsis Leaves Plant

    Artificial Phalaenopsis Orchid Leaves Plant - 11"

    Current Price $9.95
    Original Price $12.00

    Beautiful, artificial phalaenopsis leaf plant in green. Add a tropical and vibrant touch to your wedding flower bouquets with these fake orchid lea...

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  • Aspargus Fern Fake Green Bush
    Artificial Greenery Asparagus Fern

    Real Touch Plastic Asparagus Fern


    Liven up your porch with fake outdoor plants that require no upkeep. This lush green artificial plastic asparagus fern plant is perfect to display ...

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  • UV Protected Outdoor Fake Ivy Garland
    Outdoor Artificial Ivy Garland

    Fake Ivy Garland - 43"


    Find artificial wedding greenery garlands. This fake ivy garland has lush green leaves. Green 43" Long 52 Leaves, 1.75-2.75" Long x 1.75-2.75" Wid...

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  • Artificial Nandina Leaves
    Tropical Greenery Leaves in Vase

    Artificial Nandina Small Leaves - 30.5"


    Find fake tropical leaves for your DIY floral arrangements, like this beautiful green artificial nandina leaf branch. It's also known as sacred bam...

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Silk plants last forever and offer a realistic look without the hassle. From fake succulents to outdoor artificial plants to your favorite stems (lambs ear, eucalyptus, fern, boxwood to name a few) Afloral has the premium selection of fake greenery for you.