Blue Fake Forget Me Not Wildflowers - 30.5"

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Transform any space into a field of wildflowers with these delicate multi-toned faux forget me not branches. Each tiny bloom inspired by nature is unique in coloring and will add the perfect pop of dimensional color to your floral arrangements. Easily bend or trim these filler stems to size to complete any artificial flower arrangement or bouquet.

  • 30.5" Tall x .5" Blooms
  • 45% Polyethylene, 35% Polyester, 12% Iron Wire, 8% Nylon
  • Stems are fully wired, blooming portion is left unwired for a more organic look. Easy to trim with floral shears or bend to desired height
  • Pairs well with larger neutral or blush blooms, like peonies or cabbage roses

*Ethically made in China.