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Why You'll Love UV Treated Outdoor and Indoor Artificial Plants

Benefits of UV Treated Indoor and Outdoor Artificial Plants

Do you dream of beautiful plants below your home's main picture window? Or perhaps window boxes stuffed with gorgeous greenery and perfectly manicured lawns with patches of landscaped gardens. But, whenever you think about the cost of everything—from dirt to landscaping items to garden tools and hoses and time spent weeding and tending- think, 'it's too much.'

Have you ever wanted a home filled with greenery but never had the time to care for plants? Or perhaps even though you tried your best, you don't have the luck or time.
We'd love to introduce you to the fantastic world of UV-treated outdoor fake plants!


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What is UV resistance or UV treatment?

UV resistance refers to a material's ability to avoid damage caused by UV radiation. The sun's UV rays can break down chemical bonds in certain materials, causing their colors to fade, wear down, and eventually disintegrate.

UV treatment is a means of UV protection that is either inserted, blended, or sprayed onto materials allowing the material to withstand the sun and prevent fading and cracking. Regarding UV-treated artificial plants, this treatment technology does not impair the visual appeal and beauty of the flower or plant. 


How Long do Artificial UV-Treated Plants Last?

As long as the artificial plant is UV-treated, you can enjoy beautiful, life-like plants outside and inside without fading or cracking for several years—up to a decade or more,depending on the intensity of the sunlight in your area.

If the artificial plant is not UV-treated and has been placed outside or crafted from weather-resistant silk, expect to replace it after three months. Materials like plastic, rayon, or polyester without UV protection or treatment will depend on the material. Without UV treatment, life expectancy is more susceptible to extreme temperatures and weather and will fade or lose shape and texture faster than treated faux plants.


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Outdoor Artificial Plant Décor

Artificial UV-treated plants within the home allow you to have far more leeway in the vases and pots used as they do not need to worry about weather extremes.

Outside, however, you no doubt want your artificial plant containers to last, so you should ensure that the pots or whichever container you showcase them in will also last a long time outside. There are many materials and planters to choose from, some better than others.

Ceramic or stoneware – Ceramic or stoneware containers are created from finely textured clays fired and then glazed. As they are fired at very high kiln temperatures, this reduces the porosity and vulnerability to the elements. However, ceramics and stoneware still expand in sweltering weather or contract in freezing temperatures, so there is a risk they will crack in extreme weather. Ceramics and stoneware pots also tend to be quite heavy the larger they are.

Concrete – Most concrete planters or pots mix dry cement with water, sand, and rock to create the final container. Wet concrete is poured and shaped using a mold. When left unpainted, it is a light gray color and can be painted or customized in many different ways. Concrete planters can be aesthetically neutral when unadorned or painted easily to match outdoor décor while being quite sturdy and ideal for outdoor planters, significantly larger artificial plants.
Like Ceramics and specific metal containers, concrete pots can be heavy and challenging to move about.

Wood – Wooden planters can look fantastic in any outdoor setting or patio. Wooden planters can be square, rectangular, or round. Wood, especially treated wood, is not as likely to crack in cold weather and is slow to dry out. However, wood can rot. If you place your artificial outdoor plants in a wooden container, ensure they have been appropriately treated and sealed against moisture damage.

Terra Cotta – A type of clay that is commonly seen in creating many planters of various sizes and shapes. Terra cotta pots come in so many variations it's easy to find one that fits your outdoor aesthetic. Terra cotta is also readily available and relatively affordable.

There are a few aspects of terra cotta to be aware of when using them to house artificial outdoor plants. Terra Cotta is more fragile than ceramic, cement, stone, or metal as it is generally sold unglazed. Unglazed terra cotta pots are porous, meaning the pot can lose moisture and soak in water from the outside. You'll want to protect your artificial outdoor plants from excess moisture so they will last for years, so consider lining the interior or exterior with a glaze to limit the amount of water.

Metal – Metal containers are another extremely durable outdoor material. However, in the case of cast iron, they are also cumbersome. Consider choosing a metal such as aluminum that can offer you the same durability as steel or cast iron but without the weight, allowing you to move and adjust pots more practically.

Benefits of UV Treated Indoor and Outdoor Artificial Plants
• Gorgeous, life-like artificial plants that will stay green all year round, no matter the season, amount of sunlight (or lack of)
• No need to worry about soil pH, regulating water, worrying fungus or insects
• Leaves or blooms that never yellow or wilt
• No need to worry about pets or wild animals accidentally ingesting toxic plant matter
• Resistance to color fading, cracking, or brittleness from UV ray damage
• No need to waste gallons of water
• Always in season and in bloom
• No need for weeding or pruning
• No need to worry when placed in dimly lit rooms or outdoor areas
• Pollen and allergen-free
• Can be repurposed, reused, and shaped or molded into interesting shapes and designs

With UV-treated indoor and outdoor artificial plants, you can only expect thorough cleaning and dusting every three to six months to keep your faux botanicals looking bright and new. Artificial UV treated plants allow you to enjoy greenery and florals that are long-lasting and vibrant anytime.

If you're ready for a beautiful home, inside and out, Afloral is excited to help! Feel free to browse our UV-protected plants today to bring a fresh and exciting uplift to any area of your home.

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