Decorating with Christmas Garland

Decorating with Christmas Garland

Spectacular interior design merged with holiday cheer is easier than you think. Sometimes, a beautiful artificial Christmas garland is all it takes to create an inviting holiday ambiance that evokes new and old memories. Vibrant garlands, beribboned wreaths, and winter greenery have been a part of our end-of-year celebrations as far back as ancient Greece, meaning garland is a timeless classic for every home.

Why Decorate with Garland?

Besides how perfectly it encompasses the season's spirit, decorating with garland is possibly the most accessible and easiest way to add holiday and seasonal spirit and warmth to any room. Christmas time for many of us can be a very stressful, busy season between shopping, gift wrapping, planning family get-togethers, holiday meals, cooking, and so much more. Spending hours deciding on the perfect holiday décor may not be feasible.

Christmas garland decorating adds instant charm wherever you place it, is infinitely adaptable, and can take seconds to turn a bare surface into a winter wonderland.
At Afloral, we love the simplicity, elegance, and natural attraction our garlands add to every space. Pine, cypress, juniper, and other winter greenery are neutral décor aesthetics that will fit any Christmas color palette you can dream of.

If you'd love to learn more about our selection of garlands, read on for our most popular!

Why Go Faux Garland?

If you've never had the chance to have a real Christmas tree or natural winter greenery, ask anyone who has. They might tell you how messy pine, juniper, cedar, and cypress can be. Needles falling all over mantles, tables, and floors are a daily occurrence. Not only are they prone to needle shedding, natural cypress, spruce, juniper, and pine can be highly toxic to dogs and cats.

Using a faux garland that looks breathtakingly genuine means less cleaning and less worry for your curious pets that like to chew. Our faux garlands are also:

  • Ethically sourced
  • Created with careful details and materials to last throughout the years
  • Can be stored and re-used every year
  • Can be easily shaped and bent to make even more natural looks

Juniper and Berry Garland

Juniperus is a genus of evergreen trees and shrubs belonging to the beautiful cypress family. Our Juniper and Berry garland boasts the same stunningly attractive, needle-like foliage and a visually lovely blue-grey touch of realistic-looking berries that make winter nature come alive within your home.

Juniper Garland

Ensuring every detail is as similar to its natural counterpart as possible and being fully wired means you can drape, style, and decorate virtually anything. We've mimicked juniper's prickly, tiny, blue-green needles with a central white stripe so well that you and your guests will be unable to tell it is faux during Christmas dinner. Our botanical recreation of Juniper is based on its natural counterpart in exquisite detail.

Natural Juniper Inspiration

Norfolk Pine Garland

Our Norfolk pine collection and Norfolk pine garland took the internet and customers by storm last season and continue to do so. Our Norfolk pine garland is not only one of the most realistic on the market at this time, but there is also nothing that loudly, beautifully says 'Christmas' than pine.

Norfolk Pine Garland

Norfolk pine trees have long been considered the ideal Christmas tree thanks to how they grow in exquisite tiers with dreamy-soft-looking needles. The Norfolk pine garland mimics the lush fullness of the natural by flawlessly recreating the color and delicacy of its needles.

Cedar Garland

Next to Norfolk pine, you cannot go wrong with another classic, such as a cedar garland. With its gloriously deep-green needles, it's another holiday touch that brings nature into your home and the cozy, golden feeling of Christmas.
We've recreated the natural cedar pattern of short, dark emerald needles united in rosettes on small woody branches that will bring to mind deep winters in the Blue Ridge mountains. Our cedar garland has a durable, flexible base for stunning drape and styling into any shape you wish.


stoffer spruce garland on mantel


Spruce Garland

The spruce tree and garlands are another long-standing symbol of the holiday season. With its beautiful, fluffy, green needles, our Real Touch Spruce and Pine Cone Garland is a visually stunning piece of nature that looks and will feel amazing in your home too.

Sprice Garland

We've painstakingly recreated the natural pattern of spruce and fir tree greenery by attaching each needle nearly individually while ensuring they are square and sharply pointed as they are in the wild. Our patented design is also fully wired to make draping, shaping, and decorating on or around anything a breeze.


Conventional and Unconventional Ways to Decorate With Afloral Garland

Of course, we can't begin our decoration suggestion without mentioning the fireplace mantle. It's the most traditional place for a beautiful garland. Another popular and striking placement is winding it around your staircase banister. But where else can you decorate using our garlands?

  • Don't leave your mirrors bare this holiday season! Whether they are in the hallway, entryway, or even a guest bedroom. It is so easy to use; toss it around a mirror with a frame.

  • Speaking of frames, don't forget your framed photos, art, or hanging canvases.

  • Want the perfect table arrangement and runner to let you chat with guests and family during holiday dinner? Our garlands are perfect for this. Lay down your favorite Christmas table runner and drape our garlands on top. Scatter in some taper candles, ribbons, winter berries, or any festive faux fruit for a pop of color.

  • Don't leave your sideboards, console tables, or china hutches bereft of a bit of holiday cheer, either. These pieces usually have flat surfaces that were practically made for a natural-looking garland.

  • Don't forget your light fixtures, chandeliers, windows, or even kitchen cabinets!

At Afloral, we love everything about garlands and hope you do too! This season, bring the spirit of the holiday season and nature's winter wonderland into your home and create effortless elegance when you decorate with any of our stunning faux garlands.

Were you inspired to decorate with Norfolk pine, cedar, spruce, or any of our exclusive winter collections? We would love to see what you come up with, so tag us on Pinterest, Instagram, TikTock, or Youtube!

Author Bio

Derek Milliman has had a career in the floral industry for over a decade, with his passion for florals, nature and sustainable decor he offers a keen eye for designing home interior spaces that exceeds expectations. His commitment to quality and creativity makes him an asset to Afloral’s botanical community.