3 Wedding Centerpieces Made Easy

From the bride's bouquet, and boutonnieres, to unforgettable centerpieces that set the dreamy, romantic mood for the occasion and reception—what wedding would be complete without the flowers? Planning a wedding and all the little details can get out of hand quickly. There's so much to do and organize! When it comes to your wedding, let us help!

Our designers have created three styles they believe you and your guests will adore. When it comes to wedding centerpieces made easy, we're delighted to be able to make one detail on your big day that much more straightforward.

Why go Faux?

The first question that might come to mind is, "Why should we choose artificial flowers for our wedding centerpieces?" There are so many fantastic reasons to choose artificial flowers for your wedding centerpieces.

• Every color is always in season. There are no limits to color options when it comes to artificial flowers. And unlike real flowers, there's no worry about whether an artificial flower—or any part of a centerpiece—is in season.
• Versatility. Artificial flowers are entirely reusable. After the wedding, you can reuse the flowers for luxurious in-home arrangements that will last for years. While real flowers are beautiful, they don't last. These arrangements will sparkle on your wedding day and every day after. After your special day, you can create unique gift bouquets for your guests, giving them a memory that will last years.
• Allergen-free flowers! For some guests or even the bride and groom, allergies might be a concern. It might become a problem, especially if they carry or wear flowers all day.
• Reduce, reuse and recycle. Artificial flowers are an excellent means to remain eco-friendly and waste-conscious. With artificial flowers, there's no usage of chemical pesticides or millions of gallons of water for just a few moments of beauty.

Before creating any of the below wedding centerpieces, ensure that you have the right essentials. You'll need high-quality wire cutters and something to make a structure, such as chicken wire, round flower hairpin holder, and grid tape. For all our favorite artificial wedding flowers and accents, shop here.


A Blush of Pink

Simple and classic does not mean boring or plain. Some of the most breathtaking and timeless arrangements mix simplicity with elegance. When we think of these things, our designers arrive instantly at the Afloral White Compote and Candle Bundle. White is a calming, clean, and neutral - a color that naturally draws the eye to focus on your floral arrangement and warm, inviting candles.

wedding flowers

For this compote collection, we feel that the delicate pink of our Blush Real Touch Peony in Blush, paired with our Real Touch Dutchess Rose in Blush, merge seamlessly. In the language of flowers, pink roses often symbolize that first blush of romantic love, the feelings of warmth, affection, admiration, grace, and joy—all things we know you'll feel at your wedding. Many associate peonies with prosperity, good luck, and love and, along with roses, are among the most beloved flowers for a wedding.

Wedding bouquet

If you need ideas and inspiration for what pairs well with our pink roses and peonies, here are some of our designer recommendations:
• Add Preserved Asparagus Plumosus Fern for a wispy, natural, organic look.
• Try combining the pink roses and peonies with lavender sprigs, Artificial Seeded Eucalyptus Greenery Branch or silver dollar eucalyptus to extend and drape from the bowl for an attractive shape.

Charming and Playful Cream Combo

This lush combination of our Afloral Ecru Compote and Candle Bundle and cream roses and peonies will be a head-turner. We chose the focal flower to be a beige peony.

cream combo flowers

We chose to pair our Real Touch Rose in Cream Peach with our Cream Real Touch Peony Flower. We decided to use this combination as it creates a luxurious and cultivated wedding centerpiece. This charming and playful arrangement of soft gold and cream makes alluring combinations of color that are beautiful, soothing, and neutral.

Our designers recommend a few additional splashes of greenery and plants to add a pop of color to fill out your compote, such as:
• For depth and shape, play with Fake Leaves Italian Ruscus Branch - as seen in this centerpiece.
• Lavender as a color is warm and complementary in combination with cream roses. Even a beautiful pale-purple flower can produce a soft, feminine, and gorgeous arrangement with a playful ambiance. Consider sprinkling Mauve Italian Ruscus to add lush green leaves and a hint of purple color.
• To add texture to this wedding centerpiece, consider dispersing Pampas Grass in tan, Bleached, or Natural Dried.

Enchanted Mauve

Mauve roses symbolize splendor and enchantment, of being mesmerized by love at first sight. Our designers chose to pair our Lavender Real Touch Dutchess Rose with Cream Real Touch Peony flowers, with the mauve roses as the focal flower. The exquisite naturally-inspired details will make an unforgettable wedding centerpiece that best expresses the deep enchantment and splendor of being in love.

Rose and candle

We decided to pair them with our ceramic Afloral Grey Compote and Candle Bundle for this enchanting arrangement. The color combination of grey and cream is a modern look that is soothing and neutral, while the splashes of mauve will attract the eye.

Our designers think that these additional touches of color and greenery will add interesting shapes and texture to your splendidly enchanted wedding centerpiece:
• Break up and fill between blooms with our Artificial Seeded Eucalyptus Greenery Branch, and add a captivating texture with Fake Leaves Italian Ruscus Branch - as seen in this centerpiece.
• Queen Anne's Lace is light and airy, with a soft, full green garden complementing the centerpiece.
• For an arresting visual, unexpected silhouette, and a wealth of vivid green lushness, add Asparagus Fern Leaves.

For your upcoming wedding day, let Afloral guide you to wedding centerpieces made easy and unforgettable with our expertise and tips. For floral and arrangement inspiration, please follow the team on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube. 

Author Bio

Derek Milliman has had a career in the floral industry for over a decade, with his passion for florals, nature and sustainable decor he offers a keen eye for designing home interior spaces that exceeds expectations. His commitment to quality and creativity makes him an asset to Afloral’s botanical community.