How to Make a Corsage with Fake Flowers

How to Make a Wrist Corsage with Artifiical Flowers

Want to fit your bridesmaids with a corsage that matches your wedding bouquet? We'll show you how in this quick tutorial using a few faux flowers and artificial greenery stems. Start by watching the full video and follow along to recreate these for your big day. 



We chose a simple design for this classic yet elegant corsage look. It features the beige faux dried roses, a few clippings from a cream lilac, and touch of greenery. You'll also need some scissors, some floral shears, and a base for your corsage. We styled this two ways, first with a ribbon and then with a gold cuff. 

Supplies for DIY corsage with Fake Flowers

Steps for Building the Corsage

Step 1: Trim the lilac stems down to just a small cluster. Be sure to leave 1-1.5 inches of the stem. Repeat this step so that you have a total of two small clusters with a bit of stem.

Faux Lilacs for DIY Wedding Corsage

Step 2: Attach the two lilac clusters together by the stems with your hot glue. Let dry.

DIY Wedding Corsage with Fake Flowers

Step 3: Start by clipping the rose-heads off all the way down to the bud. Hot glue the back of the rose head. 

DIY Wedding Corsage

Step 4: Secure the rose bud to the lilac cluster and let dry. 

Step 5:  Trim a couple clusters of 2-3 eucalyptus leaves off the stem. Glue them in back of your lilacs and roses. 

DIY Wedding Corsage

Step 6: If you're using ribbon, measure out at least 3-4 times around your wrist being mindful to leave enough room for the ribbon to be tied comfortably. We used two strands of ribbon and crossed them in the middle, hot gluing them where they intersect. Once the ribbon has dried, attach the floral portion of the corsage to the ribbon! 

Wedding Corsage with Fake Flowers
Wrist Corsage with Fake Flowers

Step 7: If you decide on the gold cuff, wrap some ribbon or a piece of cloth around the center where the flowers will be attached. This will help secure the flowers to the gold cuff. 

Step 8: Hot glue the center of your cuff and place your flower cluster and let dry to complete your corsage!

Gold Cuff for Corsage
Gold Cuff Corsage with Fake Flowers




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