How To Arrange Flowers | Compote Styling 101

How To Arrange Flowers | Compote Styling 101

How To Arrange Flowers | Compote Styling 101

One of our most frequently asked questions is "how do you style flowers in a compote bowl?" We're giving you three eco-friendly ways to style your floral arrangements without using floral foam! Watch our quick tutorial below and find all the supplies you need for these different style methods here to get started.



What is a Compote Bowl?

First, let's answer the big obvious question you might have. What is a compote bowl? You may have seen them before styled with florals or used as a decorative item and never realized that it actually has a name!

A compote, simply put, is just another form of a vessel for floral arrangements whether you're stying with fresh or faux flowers. Check out some different styles and sizes of compote bowls and see which best suits your style. 


3 Ways to Prep

Traditionally, floral foam has been the industry go-to when it comes to mechanics inside of a compote for floral styling. While foam does have its perks, it's not necessarily eco-friendly, nor is it reusable for multiple floral projects.

These three floral supplies offer both reusability as well as sturdy mechanics for your floral arrangement, all while being a bit more eco-conscious in comparison to our old friend, foam.


Method 1: Chicken Wire + Floral Tape

Until recently, chicken wire and floral tape have been our go-to design mechanics. Chicken wire allows you to measure, cut, and shape your base and use the same chicken wire ball for that particular compote forever! 

For this method, you'll want to take your sheet of chicken wire and place it over top of the compote bowl you're styling with. Allow a 1-inch edge around the perimeter of the bowl and cut it into a square. From there, fold the edges and corners of the wire in (carefully) until you've formed a ball. The ball should be able to sit in the bottom of the bowl while also allowing about an inch to show above the lip of the compote.

For added structure and to secure the chicken wire before you start styling, use 3 or 4 strips of floral tape to hold down your chicken wire. Now you're ready to start arranging your flowers!

Method 2: Floral Hair Pin

Our newfound love of floral arranging with a hair pin is by far one of the most simple compote prep methods out there. This unique tool is proprietary to our floral partners over at Harmoney Harvest Farm. Read more about this unique floral design tool and find out why we love it so much!

To prep your compote to start styling, simply plop the hair pin into the bottom of the compote, and voila! You're welcome to use the floral tape like in method 1 if you feel that the flowers you're using might need some extra support, but we chose not to.

Method 3: Angel Vine

Angel vine is by far the most eco-friendly option to prep your compote bowl. This naturally-occurring vine is dried and shaped so that it can be used as a structural element for your faux floral designs and arrangements.

Cut off a piece of the angel vine that will fit in the bottom of the compote bowl. Use the floral tape method to secure the vine while adding additional structure to your floral arrangement. Arrange your flowers with ease and enjoy being a pro at knowing how to prep a compote bowl for floral design!

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