How to Make A Fall Flower Arrangement

How to Make A Fall Flower Arrangement

Want to learn how to make a fall flower arrangement? Well here's how! Get creative and put together a stunning fall floral arrangement with realistic silk flowers and fake fall leaves. This bold arrangement is the perfect finishing touch for your fall home decor, or a great focalpoint for your Thanksgiving tablescape. Follow these few simple steps to recreate this DIY fall centerpiece.

Pick Your Artificial Stems

For this arrangement, we wanted something tall and bold so artificial fall leaves were a perfect choice! For our base, we chose a ceramic urn with a wider opening and one that had some height. This type of vessel is perfect for creating a grand centerpiece and has room for plenty of stems.

We incorporated the true colors of fall so we chose a sunny dancing orchid stem, fall oak leaves, and some fall-toned silk flowers to soften up the look. You can find everything for this arrangement here.

Tall Fall Floral Arrangement with Fake Fall Leaves

Build Out the Arrangement

To create this arrangement, start with clear floral tape to create structure for your tall stems. Add your tall yellow dancing orchids to the center of the vase. Next, build out your arrangement with your fake fall leaves and textural florals. We used artificial black-eyed-susan's, dahlias, and peonies.

A vase with a floral tape grid

Floral Styling Tips

Trim the stems of your flowers to different heights. Don't be afraid to bend your stems downward to create some natural shape and structure to the leaves and flowers. This allows you to create a beautiful, realistic-looking arrangement with an architectural touch!

For this floral arrangement, we also chose blooms of varying sizes. We didn't want to overpower the fall leaves with blooms that were too big, and we didn't want them to get lost by being too small.

Our floral designer decided to stick to one type of fake fall leaf, the Autumn Orange Oak Leaves. Since the color of these leaves are so bold and their shape is very distinct, we didn't want to muddy up the floral centerpiece with too many bold colors and shapes.

fall floral arrangement with silk flowers and fake fall leaves

Finish the Arrangement

Complete your table centerpiece by taking a step back and view it from different angles, or rotate it so you can see if it needs any adjustments. You may need to arrange and re-arrange some stems if they seem out of place or they don't look quite right.

Finally, set your fall table with a gorgeous fall table runner and place your new creation in the center. Accent with your favorite pillar candles and enjoy your new Thanksgiving tablescape!



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