Fresh Decor with Artificial Spring Branches

Fresh Décor With Artificial Spring Branches

Spring is a beautiful season and a time for renewal. Humans and nature seem to shake off the sleepy blanket of chill winter snow to welcome a refreshing change. Many of us plan our extensive spring cleaning during this time, especially in areas that experience a cold winter. We can fling open windows and doors, enjoying longer days with more sunlight.

What better way to embrace spring energy than rejuvenating your home spaces? You might be a bit like us, itching for something new that brings a fresh feel but perhaps unsure where to begin. Maybe you're not yet ready to commit to an entire décor overhaul. We feel you!

If you're looking for effortless seasonal elegance and beauty, we're here to help. Here are a few simple ways to bring the season inside by decorating with artificial spring branches.

Bring The Brightness Inside

Fake White Cherry Blossoms in Kitchen

Our kitchens and dining rooms are a favorite gathering place for friends and family. Good food, good conversations, and memories carry us through the years. A quick spring arrangement can instantly transform your kitchen and dining room table into a gorgeous, bright space that mimics the glorious first blooms of the season. This time of year can be challenging to find the perfect flower for a live arrangement, and that is where your favorite artificial spring branches and blooms can save you!

One of the favorites we love in capturing the lushness of springtime is creating arrangements with one of the most instantly recognizable buds of the season, the cherry blossom. Every color of this season seems contained within the precious buds, flowers, and branches of cherry blossoms, making them ideal for a pop of verdant greenery between place settings, countertops, or kitchen islands.
Whole and thriving faux cherry blossoms in creamy white are an excellent neutral tone that seamlessly accents any colors or color themes you already have in your kitchen spaces. A budding cherry blossom branch, such as our cream artificial blossom branch, perfectly seizes the moment of new growth as delicate cherry blossoms just beginning to open.

Fake Spring Branches on Kitchen Island

Bursts of Color

Rich lilac, dusty blue, and forest green are bold and invigorating colors that can greatly enhance your decorating palette. When we use them in décor carefully and purposefully, they create a versatile style that can be both fun and sophisticated. The same color theme and concept can be carried into artificial flowers.


Fake Lilacs in Dining Room

Using contrasting colors with bright and dark is a great way to give your artificial spring branches and flowers an extra pop of eye appeal. Take our Purple Artificial Lilac Flower branch as a great example. Lilacs exude feelings of happiness and tranquility, and the splash of tender blue-violet color can be offset with a backdrop of green to draw the eye to the lilacs.

Arrange them with one of our artificial branches with green buds to create the taste of a freshly-picked spring garden in your favorite vase, or choose to pair them with our faux-seeded eucalyptus spread out in an arrangement to create a vivid, full display.

Embrace Budding Branches

You don't have to go flowers this spring, either. We fully encourage you to embrace decorating with branches! A crystalline vase with a full blooming or budding branch is yet another effortless way to create a luxuriously attractive arrangement.


 Afloral Fake Budding Branches

Refreshing the Living Room

Raise your hand if you are ready for a new coffee table approach this spring. We know we are, and you might be too! Decorating with artificial spring branches, flowers, and a few well-loved accessories can bring a much-needed new breath of vigor to the entire space.

When it comes to styling your coffee table or refreshing your mantel, you don't have to do it all in a day! Take time to visit your favorite vintage, antique, or resale shops to find items you adore that capture your attention. Consider pairing a well-loved distressed tray to organize your favorite books or candles. Add relative objects that match your living room's colors and textures and, of course, last but never least, the natural and earthy element of spring branches and flowers.

Fake Snowball Flowers on Mantel

Our Cream-White Artificial Snowball Flowers are another of our favorites for the living room in spring. They're a gorgeously versatile faux plant that can work year-round in decorating, but the purity and freshness of their white petals bring to mind the first few flowers that poke through the harsh layer of snow.

Snowballs paired with our Ceramic Tall Glossy Vase can create an effortlessly elegant look, that instantly elevates any decor. Bend the stems, allowing the florals to cascade gently for a more organic look. 

Create Entryway Magic

Have you just moved into a brand new home? Are you having a bit of a challenge in thinking of ways to make your home feel warmer and more inviting? Faux cherry blossom branch in cream white to the rescue! Try adding and arranging a few—or as many as you like—permanent cherry blossom branches in a tall, statuesque vase. Adding these spring flower icons to your foyer or entryway instantly creates a warmer and more inviting entrance for you and your guests.

White Fake Cherry Blossoms in Tall Vase

Your home's entryway is one of the most critical sections of your home; it's where people first walk in and the first thing they see! Additional ideas for our cherry blossom branches are to arrange them in your bathrooms for a Japanese onsen atmosphere or add them as a special calming touch to your vanity.

Our designers hope we've inspired a beautiful refresh for you and your home this year. Which look is your favorite? How will you decorate your home with artificial spring branches? Show the Afloral team what you've made this spring by tagging us on social media. And for even more inspiration and ideas, don't forget to follow us on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Youtube!

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Author Bio

Derek Milliman has had a career in the floral industry for over a decade, with his passion for florals, nature and sustainable decor he offers a keen eye for designing home interior spaces that exceeds expectations. His commitment to quality and creativity makes him an asset to Afloral’s botanical community.