Top 5 Interior Design Trends and Florals for 2023

Top 5 Interior Design Trends and Paired Florals for 2023

Interior Design moves quickly. Much like fashion, it can jump from something new and exciting one minute and revert to a classic-inspired look the next. It can be more than a little challenging to keep up and predict the next significant interior trends. Here at Afloral, we always keep a diligent eye on design trends. We're constantly looking for ideas and styles that are gaining popularity and identifying which design choices will come out on top so that we can help you learn how to use them in your own home and pair them with amazing florals.

1. Organic Design

Organic design is a style of interior decorating and creating that takes cues from the natural world around us. This interior design aesthetic balances the harmony between nature, minimalism, and manufactured elements with the natural world.

Consider starting with the base of your arrangement to capture the essence of organic design and pair it with florals. One critical aspect is searching for something rustic, earthy, or simplistic to pair seamlessly with this style. So, for example, an earthy ceramic planter pot or a natural Paulownia wood tray are all excellent examples of organic floral design vessels.

snowball flowers on mantel

Which florals pair ideally with organic interior design? We're happy you asked! Our experts would love to share a few ideas:
White Snowball Flower, is an exceptional floral for organic design with its fluffy, curved, and natural shapes. Additionally, Snowballs are great for any season and will add pop to your design year-round.
• Delicate leaves in glorious green, an arrangement of Faux Italian Ruscus branches brings a beautiful pop of lush nature suitable for any organic interior design space.

2. Minimalist Design

Minimalist design is a trend that is not going anywhere and will continue to be popular for many homeowners in 2023. Most of us are familiar with minimalist design, stripping things down to their most basic form, from art to lifestyle to architecture and interior design.

With minimalist design and décor, it is all about clean surfaces and walls. At the same time, while many think of white walls and neutral tones, deliberate and thoughtful use of color can be used in minimalism, just as in organic design.
This style is about essentials, light, form, and beautiful materials with an open layout to create a sense of freedom and relaxation. How does that apply to flowers?

German Statice Minimalist

For a floral arrangement in a minimalist interior, you will want to utilize the simple and strategic use of stems to create an intentional negative space or choose a single flower or plant variety for a cohesive look.

Here is a brief list of some of our favorite minimalist florals:

• Preserved Natural Gypsophila, can be styled simply in one bundle in a monochromatic vase. This over the top, yet minimal look is perfect for a home with a neutral color palette.
• White Faux Real Touch Phalaenopsis Orchids will be the center of attention in a beautiful contrasting vase. These beautiful white orchids highlight the unique beauty and color of nature.
• Another gorgeous plant that is highly decorative yet provides the right touch to pair with minimalism is Fake Leaves Italian Ruscus Branch. An Artificial Ruscus bundle and a sleek Ceramic Tall Glossy Vase in Blue-Washed White (as seen above) creates a stunning silhouette in a minimalist kitchen.

3. Modern Boho

Boho, or Bohemian interior design, says goodbye to structure and embraces carefree layers of bold forms, textures, and colors. Boho is about eclectic patterns and designing a room that's personal to you and relaxed with saturated colors and different types of lighting. Bohemian design embraces no hard rules about what works or doesn't. And while Boho is still around, it has been evolving into a newer reiteration of Modern Boho. Modern Boho is a hot trend that we think will take over in 2023. Modern Boho takes the idea of original Boho, such as rattans, macrame, and patterns in pillows and rugs, and mixes unexpected modern, streamlined elements into the décor.

How do florals fit into the modern Boho interior design style?
• Think big, beautiful blooms like Blue Hydrangeas or gorgeous Faux Lilacs. Florals that are wild and bursting with blooms and color are perfect for this interior style.
• Consider quirky, colorful, or patterned vases such as our pink or green Dolomite ceramic tile vases.


Afloral Fake Blue Hydrangea Flowers


4. Japandi

Japandi blends the smooth, modern lines of Scandinavian design with the sleek and ageless elegance of the Japanese aesthetic. It is minimalist yet warm and welcoming, with many appealing textures and natural materials.

Colors like beige, cream, taupe, oatmeal, and stone are popular in Japani decorating. Contrasting colors are welcome. Look to the soft shades of Scandinavian design, such as pale pink, baby blue, tea green, or light grey. Plants and florals are an essential element of this interior design style as they will welcome and further soften the interior. Which florals do we feel encompass the Japandi style?

• Play with different sizes and shapes of gorgeous, large pots for florals and greenery on a surface or the floor. For example, our Large Ceramic Slate Vase paired with a faux Pencil Cactus Plant brings life to the space below, while maintaining an elevated look. 

Afloral Fake Pencil Cactus


5. California Casual

This style embraces the boundless energy of California in a casual, laid-back style. It's both relaxing and luxe at the same time. California Casual interiors will often have worn leather with large-scale photography taking up a wall. Heavily patterned textiles such as suzani or Turkish kilim are frequently used, adding a laid-back vibe. Californians tend to try and spend a lot of time outside, and they love to embrace organic elements like seagrass baskets, sisal rugs, woven rattan, and raw wood.

How do we pair California Casual with florals?
• Organic-looking arrangements, such as white tulips in a clear glass vase.
• For the California Casual look, we recommend going big with something that crawls along the walls or makes a dramatic centerpiece. For instance, hanging plants such as Tradescantia, Pothos, Philodendron, and Hoya leaves create that dramatic but graceful draping that looks wonderful on shelves or window ledges.


Tulip Arrangement

Keep up effortlessly with the hottest interior design trends of 2023 with the help of Afloral. Let us be your source of exquisite artificial flowers, plants, and inspiration for a more beautiful and stylish home life. Need more inspiration or want to share with us your unique arrangements? We hope you'll join and follow the team on our Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Youtube.

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Derek Milliman has had a career in the floral industry for over a decade, with his passion for florals, nature and sustainable decor he offers a keen eye for designing home interior spaces that exceeds expectations. His commitment to quality and creativity makes him an asset to Afloral’s botanical community.