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How to Choose the Right Size Vase

When you're in search of stunning botanicals to add timeless charm to your space, you might feel uncertain about deciding which vase pairs flawlessly with your chosen stems. Selecting the perfect vase size can make all the difference when showcasing your floral arrangements.

Artificial Aspen Branch and Poppy Flower

The Right Size Vase

In order to know what size vase fits your floral arrangement, you very simply need to compare the height of your arrangement to the height of your vase. The right size vase will be roughly 1/2 to 1/3 the height of your stems.

This proportion allows your floral arrangement to achieve a balance between the stems and the vase. Your stems will branch out whimsically from the vase while appearing anchored in place.

Arranging Faux Flowers in Vase

How tall should flowers be in a 10 inch vase?

In a 10 inch vase, the perfect height for your stems will be 20 to 30 inches tall.

Here at Afloral, we offer a curated collection of flower vases in a variety of heights. From small 6.25 inch planter pots to 12 inch urns, we have a wide selection to fit your interior decor.

How to adjust the height of my stems?

When you have a vase you'd love to use but your artificial flowers don't seem to fit, we have a few suggestions.

  • If your vase is opaque, such as ceramic, gently bend your stems to achieve the 1/2 to 1/3 sizing. This allows you to bend them back into place at a later time.
  • If your vase is clear and you're sure you'd like to shorten your stems permanently, cut them to fit your desired height.
  • If your stems aren't quite tall enough to fit your desired height, consider using a hairpin flower frog or similar arrangement holder to help steady your plants within the vase. Some flower enthusiasts use materials to fill vases with paper, pebbles, or sand so that stems have added height and stability from the inside.

How to style a wide vase?

You can also take into account the thickness of the stems compared to the diameter of the vase opening.

For thicker stems, branches, or larger bouquet bundles, opt for a vase with a wider opening to accommodate the volume, allowing the stems to fan out gracefully. On the other hand, a narrower opening is better suited for delicate stems or single blooms, providing support and structure to the arrangement.

Manzanita Branch in Vase

How to style heavy flower arrangements in a vase?

Consider the weight and density of the stems. Longer florals like gladiolus, flowers with large blooms such as hydrangeas, or heavier branches like magnolias or aspen will need a sturdier vase to prevent tipping. If you're styling with artificial stems that don't use water to provide additional weight, incorporating stones or sand can help stabilize the vase and keep it steady.

Artificial Hydrangea Arrangement

Afloral & Flower Vases

Your goal is to create a cohesive and visually appealing composition where the vase and stems complement each other seamlessly.

Selecting the appropriate vase size not only elevates the beauty of your floral arrangements but also enhances their overall impact. It's important to remember that the guidelines provided are simply a starting point. Don't be afraid to get creative and explore various vase sizes and shapes to suit your personal style and desired aesthetic.

Floral arranging is an art, offering endless possibilities for expression. So, the next time you are arranging flowers, take a moment to consider the relationship between stem size and vase size, and let your creativity flourish!

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