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Faux Aspen branch

Create sustainable designs with luxury artificial plant stems, style several faux branches together by cutting and bending to your desire. Recreating botanical looks inspired by nature is the new hassle-free approach to interior design.

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Why Artificial Plants?

Are artificial plants as good as real plants?

Artificial plants are even better than real plants for interior design. They are lower maintenance, eco-friendly, versatile and can be arranged more creatively compared to live plants. Unlike live plants, they are allergen free and pet friendly.

Can artificial plants live outside?

Some artificial plants can live outside. We provide UV treated artificial outdoor plants to reduce color fading and leaf cracking, bringing you a long-lasting exterior appeal.

How long do artificial plants last?

Artificial plants can last nearly forever, depending on your care. Dried and preserved plants require maintenance to dust, reduce humidity and keep out of sunlight.